4 Mile Personal Record!!!

Today has been a great morning so far! I ran 4 miles and got my personal best time!


I started running back in Mid-April. I wasn’t very serious about my running until June. June was when I decided to truly get back into running so I signed up for a 10K, which was at the end of June, and a Half Marathon, which isn’t until the last Saturday in August. I was doing pretty good with my training and my previous 4 mile time was an hour.

This week with Ragnar only 2 weeks away I decided I need to do some serious changes in order to be able to complete my three legs of Ragnar. I’m working on eating healthy, that is a constant struggle for me. I also ran a 2 mile run on monday and a 3 mile run on wednesday. Today when I took Maisy outside I decided it was so beautiful I had to go for 4 miles today.

Maisy after our run together on Wednesday

Maisy after our run together on Wednesday

More on Maisy later…. I PROMISE!!!!

Back to the personal record….. So today I set out to run 4 miles and dropped my time by 5 minutes! Yay me. My 4 mile route has a few hills, which always slow me down to a walk. For the first hill I counted threw it… back to band days 1,2,3,4  2,2,3,4  3,2,3,4 and so on. I did this over and over in my head until I was at the top of the hill, YAY!! Then I let myself walk up the last 2 hills. Baby steps to running success.

I do think that a couple products that I just started using are also helping. The first is GNC’s Pro-Sculpt drink mix. I started drinking it every morning right when I wake up. I just started on Monday and today I could tell the difference. I learned about the GNC GenetixHD products from Jess, her blog is the second blog I started reading. She is very motivational and I love reading her posts.


I also decided to eat a Gatorade Prime Energy Chew right before I left on my run. For me the first 2 miles are the hardest, it takes me a long time to get into my groove. So I decided to try one of the chews and hoped it would give me energy threw my whole run, and it did!!


This run definitely got my spirits high. I’m happy to finally see some progress and I hope to continue to get faster and more in shape.

What do you use to keep you going or give you extra energy during a run?

How do you get past the dreaded first few miles?




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