Meet Maisy

Before I get to the MAISY part of this post….

My week so far…. has been….. busy. I worked a lot in the past few days so I haven’t gotten a ton done. I did start me month long ab challenge. I started late, on day 6, but so far it is going well.


Now onto the best part of this post….

Meet our pup Maisy! (1 yr old)


We got her a little over a year ago!!! Instead of typing all about her I’m just going to show you her life in pictures….

I hope you’re ready for some serious cuteness 🙂

Here is Miss Maisy the first day we picked her up…. 7 weeks old



Maisy (3 monthes old) and my parent’s dog Zoey


Mom I’m so excited for shark week…


Girly girl in her tutu


Fall family photo


And of course we had to take a christmas photo


Ok enough Maisy for now….. but I promise there will be MANY more Maisy photos.


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