Thursday/Friday Recap

Lots has happened since I last posted.

Thursday was amazing…. because it was my first day off of work in 6 days!!! Woo Hoo!!! When I got up thursday morning I decided I wanted to make something delicious for lunch. I thawed a pork roast and threw it in the oven with some potatoes. I also decided I needed to use some of my frozen green beans so I steamed them in the microwave. Once the green beans were done I added parmesan cheese and garlic powder to them! DELICIOUS!!!!



I didn’t get a picture of the green beans but it was all delicious!

Once I was done with lunch I had a relaxing afternoon before heading to the gym at 5.

I met my mom at the gym to get in a 45 minute swim. It felt great to swim, I felt super energized. After swimming I headed to the stretching area to do day 8 of the month of abs. After abs I did some speed work on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I was limited to 20 minutes because bodypump was starting at 645.

When I went into bodypump I was shocked to see the back cabinet locked and kettlebells sitting out. The instructors informed us that bodypump was cancelled and they were doing a kettlebell class. I was curious so I tried it out. They explained that the kettlebell series is coming to our gym starting in september. Currently it is an at home workout series but it is finally branching out the gyms. They are all 30 minute classes: resistance, cardio and core are the three different classes. In our class thursday night we did two songs from each class to get a feel for what each one would be like. Man oh man was it intense. I was dripping sweat. It was such a good workout and I cant wait to try it once the classes start in september.

It felt so amazing to do all those different workouts in the 2 hours I was at the gym. I went to bed super tired and got a great nights sleep.



This morning I woke up and headed for a run. I was feeling great and I decided I wanted to try to beat my previous 4 mile time….


My run was doomed from the beginning…. Once my watch got the satellite I thought I hit the start button. I was running along great….. until about a half a mile ish and my watch started beeping…. it turns out I did not hit the start button hard enough. So I hit it and decided it was okay I was still going to have a great run. When I hit about a mile my shins really started hurting. I slowed down and walked a bit and I was pretty much limping.

I get shin splints really easily which is why I run with compression sleeves.



I really love my compression sleeves. They have done wonders for my shins. I usually have no problems when I run outside. I knew that the shin splints I was feeling was because I ran on the treadmill the night before. I’m really hoping that by winter my shin muscles will be strong enough to handle the treadmill but, until then I have to stick to just outside running.

anyways…… once my shins were hurting to the point of limping I turned around and headed home. My training run wasn’t worth a serious injury.

I will be running saturday morning πŸ™‚ my shins should be good as new by then.

After running I showered and headed outside with Maisy for some dog training. We have been working with one of our neighbors, she is a dog trainer, to get Maisy trained. She knows most simple commands she just sometimes chooses to not listen. She also has a bad habit of barking at bikes, motorcycles and golf carts πŸ™‚ Although it is so weird to watch her get super worked up when a golf cart drives by our dog park I don’t want her to think it is her job to protect the dog park. So we are changing her ways….. so far she is doing really well!!!

I must protect my play area!!

I must protect my play area!!

So we had a very successful training session… Then it was time to head to my parents.

I decided I was going to cook them dinner and try out the cauliflower pizza crust recipe. It actually turned out pretty decent.



It was SUPER easy to make and pretty good for being flour free. It really is only cauliflower, egg and cheese πŸ™‚ Next time I would use a different pan though, the bottom of the crust did not get crunch but other then that it tasted pretty good. I would make it again. My parents really liked it! They love being my Guinea Pigs and eating all the wonderful things I make.


So the past couple days have been really successful! I’m pretty proud of myself, and I’m excited for a fun filled weekend….

Weekend recap on Monday!!!

Have you ever tried a kettlebell workout? If so what did you think?

Who’s trying cauliflower pizza crust?? πŸ™‚


One thought on “Thursday/Friday Recap

  1. Nice work trying out that new crust! And I have been to a few kettlebell classes and they always kick butt. However, I would have been majorly disappointed if I would have been expecting a bodypump class.

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