Weekend Recap 8/10/13














Saturday I got up and took Maisy outside. We have a little fenced in dog park at our apartment complex and Maisy likes to play with all of her friends. So Saturday morning she got some fun play time in. Then we went inside to wake up Scott so we could head to the Game Fair.

Last year we went to the game fair for the first time and we loved it. The majority of the people bring their dogs and there are tons of dog vendors and dog activities. Someday when we trust Maisy to come when she is off leash we want to let her do the dock jump. At the cabin there is a dock that she loves to jump off of. Our biggest fear Saturday was that she would never come out of the water. That would be a little embarrassing, especially since there were tons of people watching the dock jump.

We did get Maisy a new leash though…



We got her a leash like this last year and we love it…. so we decided she needed a new one πŸ™‚

We only stayed at the game fair a couple hours. It is pretty high energy for the dogs and since Maisy is only a year old and still pretty crazy we figured a couple hours was enough for her.


When we got home we decided to relax on the couch for a couple hours before taking Maisy for a walk.

After Maisy’s walk we got ready to head to get something for dinner.

We ended up going to Sweeney’s SaloonΒ in St Paul. We had a couple beers and shared chicken strips and a basket of fries!!! So good…

I’m sorry I am still getting used to blogging and taking pictures of everything so I forgot to photograph a lot of things! I will just insert random Maisy photos if there is to much text πŸ™‚

A Picture the Breeder Took of Maisy

A Picture the Breeder Took of Maisy

So CUTE!!!!!

Anyways…… Food and beer/hard cider was amazing. Love Sweeney’s.

I went to bed early Saturday because I had an early morning Sunday.

Sunday morning was super exciting…. My mom did her first triathlon. I was especially excited to watch it because I helped her train for the swimming part. I used to swim in Jr High and High School. She only had to swim a 500 Meter so that isn’t to bad, it was also in a pool so pretty easy. We swam together all sumer to get ready for the triathlon.

My mom and grandma before the race began

My mom and grandma before the race began

She swam pretty good during the race. No major freak outs which is always good. She swam the 500 in 12 mins and 23 seconds….


not to bad for your first race. Then she ran from the pool to the transition area to put on her bike shoes and head out for her bike ride.


We waited while she did her bike ride. I believe it was 14 miles that they had to do.



They finished the bike ride at the same transition area, and changed into their running shoes to finish the race with a 5K. Mom was REALLY booking it during her 5K.


Her speedy running paid off because she placed first in her age group!!!! She also beat her goal time of 1 hr 30 mins. Her time was 1 hr 22 minutes. WOOHOO


Once she was done with her Triathlon we went home and got ready to head out to Scott’s dads, Don’s, boat.

I forgot to take many pics while on the boat but I did get a few πŸ™‚

IMG_1073Β IMG_1069

We had a ton of fun out on the water and on the jet skis. It was a great way to finish off the weekend.

Today (Monday) I got up bright and early to run 6.5 miles. Ragnar is this friday…. oh boy. My legs are 5 miles, 3 miles and 3 miles. I’m pretty excited. It will definitely be a challenge for me.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I hung out at my parents house doing laundry and waiting for ups to show up. My parents get wine delivered and someone who is 21 has to be there to sign for it. Since ups comes when both of them are at work I head over to their place to wait for their wine πŸ™‚

Any interest in doing a triathlon?? Or have you ever done one?

I wouldn’t want to do a full triathlon, but I would do it as a relay and do the swimming part!!!

p.s. sorry if some of the photos don’t show up….. my internet is being really weird lately… I will fix it tomorrow if some of them don’t work.


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