Pre Ragnar (Volunteering and Van Decorating)

Here comes the fun filled posts about Ragnar. I have so much that I want to share with everyone so I am going to break it up into multiple posts. This first post will be about volunteering and decorating the vans.

Thursday around 11am My mom, Theresa and I headed to Winona, MN to help set up the start line. Each team who lives within 100 miles of the race has to provide 3 volunteers. Since my mom and I were also running we signed up to set up the start line. Last year I also helped set up the start line and it was SUPER easy and fast.

This year…. was a little different. Since we left at 11am we drove straight to Winona and did not eat lunch. We arrived for our 1pm shift and got started right away. Our main focus was setting up the tents for water and packet pick up.





We set up the tents on the right side of the picture. Once the tents were set up we organized the boxes of packets/tshirts. We also brought down all of the cliff bars, shot blocks, ragmags, tattoos and whatever else went into the packets.

When we got the start line all set up it was about 3pm and we thought we were done…. NOPE! This year they decided to add a Ragnar store to the start line. We found out that we also had to help set this up. By this time we were starving and hot from being out in the sun.



Luckily they had the tent up we just had to bring all the inventory from the truck to the tent. Set up the racks and hang all the clothes. It was so unorganized. We did a lot of waiting around for them to count inventory before we could hang it. They didn’t find table clothes until after we already had the merchandise on the tables so we had to take it off to put the table clothes on. By this time the volunteers were started to get really annoyed. Eventually we ran out of hangers and had to stop. Luckily the guy who was in charge of start line setup (not the same person as the lady in charge of the retail store) came up and said we could go!!

WOOHOO…. music to our ears. We were so done. AND STARVING.

Theresa, my mom and I headed back to Lake City, MN to turn on the air at the house (my parents second home/weekend house/cabin :)) And then we headed to get some much needed drinks and food.

While we were eating the rest of our team was meeting in Woodbury to load the vans and head to Lake City.

Once they got to Lake City we started decorating the vans.

DSC02111 DSC02107 DSC02131

DSC02109 DSC02124

Van 1:






Van 2:






Once the vans were decorated it was time for bed. We had an early morning…. up at 4:20am and left Lake City for Winona by 5:15am.

Ragnar day 1 (friday) update coming next….. hopefully by thursday!

TEAMMATES….. please leave comments about funny things that happened during the van decorating!!! 


3 thoughts on “Pre Ragnar (Volunteering and Van Decorating)

  1. I was lucky enough to find the penguin in the neighbors bush, I could maybe figure out how to post a picture, yes I have one taken with him!!

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