Ragnar Relay (first 12 legs)

Sorry for the delay in posting…. it has been a very busy week.

Last Friday started at 4:20am. To be honest the night before Ragnar I barely slept. I think it was a combo of nerves and excitement. At 4:20am my mom’s alarm went off and people started getting up one by one. A few people showered before we loaded up our van and headed to Winona, MN.

From the beginning our Ragnar adventure was exciting. On our way to Winona our lights on the top of our van slowly started to fall off. We had to pull over once to bring in one of the strands. We also had to do a quick pull in of another strand that fell off the top of the van.

Once we got to Winona, half of our team went and did the safety check. Joanna, our first runner, got into her zone before the start. Mark, our second runner, started to freak out! His running shoes were no where to be found. We emptied out our entire van and his shoes were nowhere. Me being the optimistic one told him to wait to freak out until our second van got to the start. I figured he put his shoes in the other van by accident.

The second van showed up….. no shoes!

Luckily our safety person, Teresa, had running shoes that would fit Mark. Problem solved for now.


At 7 am Joanna started.



Once Joanna was on her way we headed towards the van and on our way to the next exchange. We of course honked and hollered when we passed by Joanna.

Once we got to the exchange Mark started getting ready to run. He gets in the zone by listening to up beat country music ๐Ÿ™‚ He also likes to stretch and strike funny poses.

IMG_1991ย IMG_1993

And there may have been some warm up kicks…

IMG_1997 IMG_1998

Soon after the kicks Joanna arrived and Mark was on his way. Not going to lie my nerves kicked up a notch once Mark was on his way.

We headed back towards the van so Joanna could get cleaned up and then we were on our way.



I’m not sure why I was so nervous…. I think it was a combo of nerves and excitement. I definitely felt some pressure to do well. My whole team had already done a Ragnar Relay.

Once we got to the exchange I tried my best to not worry much and to get into some sort of zone.

Looking super happy :)

Looking super happy ๐Ÿ™‚

I only had to wait a few minutes and then Mark was within view. I headed across the street to the exchange area and waited for him to give me the SUPER sweaty slap band.



While I was running, Mark got changed and checked off his first leg.



My run was a hot and sweaty one. The sun was beating down on me and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. My goal was just to finish, I’m totally ok with walking when I need to. I actually surprised myself during my 5.4 mile run…. NO WALKING. Every time I really wanted to walk I saw my van up a head wait for me to pass them. I knew I couldn’t walk while they could see me. I am so happy that they stopped to cheer me on so many times, it really kept me going.

When I was over halfway done I ran past my van and yelled at them to bust out the squirt guns. Luckily our second van had stopped somewhere up ahead of my and they had the squirt guns out and full of cold water.

It felt so great to see the finish line…. running up to the bright orange exchange, and seeing my dad waiting for me.


Stopping and Starting Watches :)

Stopping and Starting Watches ๐Ÿ™‚

It felt like such an amazing accomplishment to finish my first leg. My whole team was there.

Mom and I

Mom and I


It felt so good to relax and not have to worry about running for a while. The nerves went away and I started really enjoying watching the race and seeing all the crazy people.

My dad passed off to my mom…

IMG_2068 IMG_2069


Mom is the super speedster of van 1. She was on a mission to kick butt… and she did.

Next up was Jane…


Jane was the member of our van who last year never wanted us to stop and give her water. She just got into her groove and just went. This year it was quite hot during her run and she gave us permission to stop ๐Ÿ™‚ No worries, last year we still stopped to cheer her on.


This year she actually took our water ๐Ÿ™‚

Jane had one of the hardest runs of our first 6 legs. Hers was almost all up hill on gravel. I think she was very happy to see the orange of the exchange. I know I was, it meant that our van was done running for a while and van 2 was up.

While van 2 was running we headed to Stockholm, WI to hang out in the park and relax until it was time for us to run again. Some of our runners slept and some of us headed towards the water to watch Mark skip rocks.



IMG_00600ย IMG_00601

It was nice and relaxing to hang out in the park. I sure was happy not to be in van 2. We drove along their running route and it was intense. Poor Linda had a straight up hill for miles.

Here are some pictures from Van 2’s first 6 legs:

DSC02348 DSC02358 DSC02371 DSC02388 DSC02401 DSC02453 DSC02455 DSC02466


They are such a fun group of people. I can only imagine all of the hilarious things that happened to them on their adventure.

I will share the last part of the race with you all tomorrow.

Van 2: Anything fun to share?ย 


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