Weekend Update 8/26/13

August has been so busy!! It took me a lot longer to post about all the fun of Ragnar. Last week was busy…. I worked almost everyday and then my day off I watched my cousin Samantha. We went to the zoo 🙂



On Saturday Scott and I headed to Lake City, MN to go sailing. My parents have a weekend/second house in Lake City. It is where they grew up and it is right on a really large lake, Lake Pepin. The Mississippi runs right through Lake Pepin.

Saturday was a perfect day for sailing. There was lots of wind. Sailing is not as fun when there isn’t much wind especially if it is hot.

Our sailing group

Our sailing group

Our group was a really fun one. Everyone gets along great. We had lots of yummy food and drinks.

IMG_1122 IMG_1125


Chris was loving the water!!! He is a fish.

The water definitely felt great, it was a hot day out. We have been under a heat advisory since saturday or sunday. The humidity has been very intense lately.

IMG_1124 IMG_1123

IMG_1121 IMG_1120

After sailing we headed back home to Woodbury. My mom, dad, Scott and I all met at my parents house to eat some pizza for dinner. Then it was an early bed time.

Sunday was a VERY early morning. I woke up at 5:30am to get ready to head to the Woodbury SAMS club for a 5K run. My mom was signed up to run the half marathon. We arrives at SAMS club around 6am and found out the half marathon was shortened to a 10K (which was actually 7 miles, not 6.4). People were upset about the shortened race at the beginning but my mom was very happy it was shortened when she finished. It was very hot and humid by the time people were finishing the 10K. I was glad I was only running the 5K



I finished with plenty of time to snap a picture of mom finishing her run.



Mom was speedy enough to get first in her age group…. and she was the 4th female to finish.

IMG_1118 IMG_1119

After the morning race I headed home to relax and enjoy the air conditioning.

Sunday evening we headed to our friends Mark and Sarah’s apartment to cook dinner and watch the VMAs. I was even able to talk Sarah into running the Monster Dash 5K with me!!!! WOOHOO

Monday I headed to my Aunt Vicki’s house to go to a water park with her and Samantha. We went to Bunker Hill Water Park in Anoka. It was really fun. Vicki and I spent most of our time on the lazy river. It was very relaxing and we got lots of sun. The water felt so good because it was so hot and humid.

Today, Tuesday, I am trying to clean and then heading to work for the evening shift (3-1130pm)

Did you guys have great weekend?

Are you staying cool in this intense heat?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update 8/26/13

  1. Sounds like a super fun weekend. Lake City is so pretty!! And a water park sounds like the perfect place to hang out in this heat. I filled Luke’s kiddie pool up and he had fun splashing around in that! My parent’s live in Woodbury too. 🙂

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