Weekend Update: Labor Day 2013

As I wrote in my last post my weekend started with Women Rock Half Marathon.  I forgot to show you guys my awesome loot I got for running!!! Women Rock definitely gives out the best loot. We got a really nice zip up jacket, a necklace as our medal and a champagne glass!!!

Image 26 Image 28

After the half marathon we headed up to Scott’s mom’s and step dads (Vern) cabin. It is located in Danbury, WI which is only a 2 hour drive from Woodbury. It usually isn’t to bad of a drive. For the first half of the ride I still wasn’t feeling good. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to have Scott pull over. I attempted to fall asleep and after about an hour I started feeling MUCH better!!! YAY!!!

Their cabin is so beautiful and has amazing views.

Image 16 Image 17 Image 18

This weekend was the perfect weekend to be at the cabin. It wasn’t to hot and it felt great to relax outside.

Image 15

Image 7

Maisy really LOVES being at the cabin. She loves running free and not being on a leash. She also really loves that she has unlimited access to the lake! She is a fish like I am. Lynne, Scott’s mom, actually taught her how to fish. She is not very good at it because she moves way to fast but she knows how to look down into the water to find the fish.

I was really excited about what I had plan for our post race dinner!!!! Homemade PASTA! YUM….. Here are some pics of the fun of making homemade pasta….

Put all ingredients into KitchenAid mixing bowl

Put all ingredients into KitchenAid mixing bowl

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

At this point I took it out of the bowl and hand kneaded it until it was formed. Then I put it back in the bowl to let the mixer do the kneading. It is so much easier to let the mixer do the kneading instead of doing it by hand.

Image 6

Then you let it sit for 20 minutes……. now for the fun part…. making it into the pasta.

Image 23

Image 22

Image 21

Image 20

Once all the sheets are made, switch the pasta attachment to whatever cut size you want. We had Spaghetti size past. (Sorry no pics of the actual cutting)

Then you put it into the boiling salted pasta water for about 5 minutes. I don’t actually time it, I just know its done by look and taste.

Our sauce for the pasta was homemade pesto sauce. My mom actually made it a while ago when her basil plant was growing out of control. The joy of pesto is you can freeze it!!!! So we just brought along a frozen bag of pesto and I added oil and salt to it when I mixed it with the pasta. So Yummy

Pesto: basil, oil, garlic and usually pine nuts (we didn’t have any). Blend in blender or food processor!!! Then freeze or use it!

Image 24

The pasta turned out so good!!!!! We also had a wonderful salad and grilled chicken to go with it.

Image 25 Image 14

It was such a great dinner!!

Since I went to bed so early Saturday night Sunday morning was an early one also. My mom was also up so we relaxed on the porch. I even got some snuggle time with Maisy.

Image 8

Once everyone was up we had an amazing breakfast….. blueberry pancakes (Lynne and Vern picked the blueberries), eggs, bacon and sausage!! So good. It was good that we had such a big breakfast because we worked it off that morning.

Mom is not good at just sitting. She likes to stay active and help out so she asked Vern what chores we could do. We had the joy of making a brush fire, cutting down trees splitting wood and stacking it.

Image 9

Image 12

We got a HUGE brush fire going!!

Image 10

Tree dad got the joy of cutting down!

Image 11

We worked all morning so I didn’t feel guilty about eating a huge breakfast. For lunch we had snacks….. nachos, hummus, smoked fish, cheese crackers and fruit. So yummy.

The afternoon was spent fishing, chopping and stacking more wood and playing cards.

Dinner was grilled pork roast and two salads!! One salad was a leaf one and the other was a Brussel sprout Asian style slaw. It was very good. Next time I make it I will be sure to photograph it and give you the recipe!!!

The evening was spent lounging by a campfire.

We headed back the cities after breakfast and had a relaxing labor day! Such a great weekend!

Now this week I am working and getting ready for my first day of class on thursday!

What was the highlight of your labor day weekend??


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Labor Day 2013

  1. It looks like you had a really relaxing weekend. The highlight of my weekend was probably going to a hot air balloon festival and getting together with some old friends for a BBQ that we haven’t seen since we lived in Korea (4+ years ago… time flies!)

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