When Life Gives You Lemons…

So this week has been an interesting one for me….

Tuesday night after taking Maisy on a bedtime walk I came in to relax before bed. I started feeling some chest pain on my right side. It was super painful, it really just hurt when I took a deep breath. I thought it was like a side ache and it would go away. I went to bed and tried to ignore it.

On wednesday the pain was still there but when I was standing or sitting it didn’t hurt to bad. I went about my day, because I’m stubborn 🙂 I made some tomato sauce and I headed to work from 3-1130pm.

When I got home and laid down to go to bed I realized it really did still hurt. Once Scott got home from work I told him I needed to head to the ER. Lucky for me I live like 2 blocks from the hospital in Woodbury so it was a quick ride.

I really like the hospital in Woodbury. My nurse was really nice and he was telling jokes and helping me relax a little. My Dr was also very nice.

First up was vitals and EKG. EKG was fine, which is a relief. Then I headed to radiology for a CT with contrast. Oh man contrast is some interesting stuff. It makes you feel super hot EVERYWHERE and you feel like you peed your pants. The CT was fast and I had my results within like a half hour.

Unfortunately my CT showed that I had a small pulmonary embolism. That is a blood clot that goes to your lung. These can be life threatening, I was extremely lucky that it was small.

After I got this news I headed to ultra sound to see if I had any DVTs. Those are blood clots in your legs. I do have one small DVT in my right leg just below my knee.

I am now on blood thinners for 3-6 monthes until I am clot free, as long as I don’t have a clotting disease. So far everything is negative so my guess is that I got the clot because of birth control. My Dr assured me that it is actually pretty common in women my age to get blood clots because of their birth control.

I am taking Coumadin (blood thinner) and lovenox injections (blood thinner). Luckily I only have to give myself the injections twice a day for about a week. The Coumadin takes time to build up so that is why I have to do the injections. The downside of the Coumadin is I have to go and get lab draws LOTS until they figure out the correct amount for me to take.

Since I was in the ER thursday morning 1am-630am, thursday was a rough day for me. I got about 3 hours of sleep and had to go see my primary Dr to figure out my whole Coumadin fun.

Anyways….. Friday mentally I was feeling better but I woke up with a killer migraine. I was worried it was due to my new meds. I called my Dr and she assured me that all was good. She prescribed me some medicine to help with my migraine. I usually take excedrin migraine but I no longer can take that due to the aspirin in it. Eventually my migraine went away and I was able to enjoy my girls night with Sarah.

We had lots of fun. We got take out from Tavern Grill, it is SOOOOOO good. They have lots of yummy food. We ordered to go because on a Friday night you have to wait at least an hour before getting a table. I really love their waffle fries and seasoned sour cream. After eating we headed to Target and got a couple movies. We decided we needed a Channing Tatum movie marathon. We got The Vow and GI Joe. Both movies were really good.

Today, Saturday I was feeling much better. No migraine. I was really sad because I was supposed to run the Suds Run 5K but due to my unfortunate week I was unable to run. My Dr suggested that I don’t run until my Coumadin is at a therapeutic level. I did have a little fun today though….

We went to Afton Apple to pick raspberries and strawberries.


Strawberry field



This is the first year that Afton Apple has had strawberries in the fall. They will be perfect for making jam!!


Raspberry plant


Scott and I both really love the lighter pink raspberries. They are really good.


Lots of berries!!!

After picking berries we headed home and played outside with Maisy for a little while.


Now we’re just relaxing and figuring out what to do for dinner….

So my week was a little rough but I’m doing ok. Things can only get better!!

Hows your weekend going so far?

Have you ever picked your own berries?


7 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. I’m glad you caught it in time! I’m one of those people who just would rather NOT know and ignore symptoms… I know, that’s terrible. Until this pregnancy, I had a major fear of doctors and hospitals but being pregnant and doing all the tests that come along with it, I’ve gotten over it somewhat.

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