Lazy Weekend

This week was so insane!! I was so happy when it was Friday, I had nothing to do Friday.

I love lazy days that I have nothing planned…

Scott got up unusually early so I made us some yummy lunch.

Pasta with Homemade Jarred Sauce. I love making my own pasta sauce. It is so much healthier and cheaper to make it yourself!! This year I canned my own tomato sauce so that is what I used Friday but when I don’t have my own canned tomato sauce I still make homemade sauce. I buy canned tomato sauce and tomato paste.


To make homemade sauce first brown diced onion, chopped garlic and 1 lb ground beef.

Then add 1 small can tomato paste (I believe it is about 6 oz)


Let cook for a couple minutes in order to get the aluminum taste out of the tomato paste.

Then add 2 cans tomato sauce.


This is when I put my homemade jar in.


My jar had all the seasoning already in it. For everyone else who doesn’t have pre made sauce add herbs de provence. I love herbs de provence because it has all the yummy seasonings mixed together. It works perfectly for pasta sauce. Bring to a simmer and your sauce is ready!!!

Mean while you should have your water boiling.


Once the noodles are cooked add them to your sauce. Mix around and serve.


So good!!!! So much better then store bought pasta sauce. And no added sugar!! Those store made sauces are packed with extra sugar.

Anyways….. Scott loved lunch… once he left for work I went grocery shopping.

IMG_1244 IMG_1245

I of course had a couple impulse buys…. both are amazing!!!

When I got home I took Maisy outside quick.


I love fall trees!!!

Then spent the rest of the evening relaxing! It was much needed!

Today (saturday) started with a 90 minute spin class!!!! It was such a good workout. My shirt was drenched by the end of the class. This spin class is starting to become me and my mom’s saturday ritual. It is usually only 60 minutes but today we were biking to raise money towards kidney transplants. One of the classmates husband is wait for a kidney transplant.

After spinning I took a much needed shower and then studied for a couple hours.

Tonight Scott and my friends Mark and Sarah are coming over. We are going out to eat. I had to make some cupcakes because Sarah’s birthday was a week ago. At her request I made Dark Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry cream filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting. You can find the recipes here.



This strawberry cream is to die for!!! I could eat it plain….. It is amazing on pancakes!!!


I used a fancy tool to make a core in the cupcake.


Put the tops back on


And frost!!!!

I’ve made these cupcakes for Sarah so that is why she requested them!!! They are so delicious! I can’t wait to eat one later..

Tomorrow (sunday) I am planning on more relaxation and studying…

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Any fun plans?


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