Treat Yourself Tuesday #2

A few weeks ago I did a Treat Yourself Tuesday post and I thought is was time for another one!! Becky at Olives N Wine started #treatyourselftuesday.


So this week I have treated myself with many things!!

Friday I had the joy of trying the new Sun Chips!


I really love this new flavor!! It is so delicious!

Then Saturday morning I treated myself to a 90 minute spin class. Some may think this is torture not a treat…. but it was a really fun class! I felt great afterward!

Plus I had to sweat a bit because I then made some yummy Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry cream filling! So Good.


Then on Monday I used my Core Power Yoga groupon and started my month of yoga. I went to hot yoga! It was a blast. I really love hot yoga!


Pre Hot Yoga!

I also made a pit stop at Target to get some of the new pumpkin spice m&ms.


This morning I treated myself to some body pump! I really love body pump, it is such a great workout.


What a week of treating myself!!!

Now for my meal planning this week…. So far it is going really good!

Sunday night I made the Autumn Chopped Salad. I really loved the flavor combo. I also added red pepper and cucumber to the salad.


Monday I made the Ginger infused Honey Chicken and served it with brown rice. I ate it so quick I forgot to get a picture. Sorry…

This morning I decided to use one of my peaches and made some peach oatmeal.

IMG_1269 IMG_1270

Maisy even got to enjoy some of it!


Today I also made the Olive Garden Inspired Chicken and Gnocchi Soup. It turned out really good!! I didn’t take a picture today but there are lots of leftover so I will take a picture tomorrow!

Did you treat yourself at all this week?


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