Weekend Recap 10/20/13 and Meal Planning

This past weekend was just what I needed….. a weekend that was almost school free and fun!

Saturday I had to go to school for orientation for my mental health and OB clinicals! After class I rushed home to get ready for a wedding. We missed the ceremony because I was at school but we made it for the reception! The best thing about the reception was it was at the same place that Scott and I had our reception. It was really fun to be back at Oak Marsh Golf Course.


Steph and I stuck together during the dance because half the time we couldn’t find our men. They are both very similar and such social butterflies! Steph and I love to dance so we had no problem dancing with or without the boys.

I was not able to get a decent pic of the bride and groom due to not having my nice camera with me. All the pics turned out blurry….. but Kelsey looked amazing!

During the dance someone requested What Does The Fox Say.  I hadn’t heard the song before but of course Scott knew every word! Check out that link for the music video…. very weird and funny!!

Sunday we relaxed in the morning and then headed over to my parents house to get Maisy. We ended up hanging out with them for the day. We watched Hangover III and went out for a late lunch/early dinner! Sunday was the perfect day….. very relaxing!!!

This morning when I headed outside with Maisy I couldn’t believe it was snowing!!

IMG_1322 IMG_1323

It’s hard to see it snowing in the first picture but you can see the evidence of the snow on Maisy! She loves the snow!! I love the first few snowfalls, when the temp is still in the 30’s but once we hit a month or so of freezing I’m over the snow 🙂

For the next 3 days I don’t have to work so I will be studying, cleaning and cooking! Thursday I have a test and friday I have to work…

I have a few recipes planned out for this week!

Monday: Rachel’s for lunch

Tuesday: Mashed Potatoes with Shepherd’s Pie Meatballs

Wednesday: Chinese Chicken Salad Rolls (I’m making these for dinner at my parents!)

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Leftovers

The Chinese chicken salad and the meatballs are inspiration from Rocco DiSpirito. Check out his pinterest page! He is a chef who tries to make comfort food healthy.

Was it snowing today where your live?

What’s cooking in your kitchen this week?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 10/20/13 and Meal Planning

  1. Hey Alex! Looks like a good plan for the week : ) This week I cooked up some pork chops in the slow cooker with a mustard based sauce and am eating that with lots of kale for lunch. Dinners are GIANT salads with pulled chicken (left over crock pot stuff from last week), tons of vegetables, and sun flower seeds!

    No snow in DC yet!

    • Wow your meal ann sounds better then mine!! I love salad but it always tastes better at someone else’s house 🙂 the pork chops sound amazing!! I actually had pork chops for dinner tonight.
      My parents are heading to DC on Thursday!! My mom is running the marine corps marathon.

      And it is snowing again here!!! Gotta love MN it can go from 60s to snowing within a week.

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