Weekend Update 11/10/13

This weekend went by really fast…

Friday I started out my day with a wonderful Spin Class. The instructor was sick so there was a sub…. the sub was a good instructor but I really missed our normal instructor. The instructor for Road Rage is amazing… she is so motivating and awesome.

Then friday night I worked..

My meal of choice for last week was this amazing salad


Romaine lettuce, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, bacon bits, almonds, yellow peppers, turkey and poppyseed dressing. SOOOO GOOD!!!

Last week I also got accepted to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador


Saturday morning I went to SkyZone for a trampoline fitness class! Man if you want to try something new take one of the skyrobics classes! So hard. Then Saturday I also worked..

Sunday morning I spent relaxing, I’m coming down with a cold. Then I got lucky and got to be on call for work so I went to a spin class and bodyflow at the gym. I love a good double class! Spin class was intense and bodyflow was super relaxing. It is a mix of tai chi, pilates and yoga. We had the same instructor for both classes which was kind of cool. He was super high energy and crazy during the spin class and then he flipped into the calm instructor for bodyflow.


Here’s a random photo…. Our cat Nermal. This was right after she got shaved because her hair was super matted and tangled.

Today I woke up feeling crappy so I laid in bed. I was lucky to be on call again for work so I have spent the day relaxing. I’m hoping that all the sleep will help me get over this cold quickly because tomorrow I’m going to two workout classes and I have to work.

Sorry for the short post that is lacking in photos! Next time I got to skyzone I will take pics because it is so cool!

How was your weekend?

What are your favorite workout classes?


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