Favorite Recipes of the Week 11/23/13

If you guys read my Weekend update you noticed at the bottom of the post I included what I was cooking this week….. so I wanted to let you guys know how my recipes turned out 🙂

The first things I made was not included on the meal plan but it was so good I have to include it…

Sunday evening I made Greek Chicken Burgers and Julie’s Curried Sweet Potato Salad.


These burgers were SPICY but so good!!! I made a traditional greek yogurt sauce (plain greek yogurt, minced garlic, grated cucumber, salt and pepper)


This potato salad was a nice change from traditional potato salad and so delicious!

The next thing I did was made a delicious Healthy Potato Soup on Monday. This turned out SOOOO good!!!

On Wednesday I made orange chicken….. and not going to lie…. it was only okay. I wouldn’t make it again so I’m not even going to share the website…

Lastly I made a wonderful Autumn Chopped Salad.


For the dressing I mixed poppyseed dressing and balsamic vinegar, equal parts, and poured it over the salad! Very good!!!

These are a few of the things I made this week that were worth sharing!! Hope you enjoy!

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Also….. I’m starting to research self-hosting this blog…. Any helpful hints or suggestions?


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