Obsessed With Cooked Carrots!

Before I get to the main reason for this post…. a little about this week 🙂

Tuesday was a very exciting day because:

 1. I saw a C-Section during my labor and delivery clinical


 2. It was my LAST clinical of nursing school!!!!!

Today I got to experience a really cool simulation at the St. Paul Campus. They have a mannequin that can simulate birth. The mom mannequin actually breathes, have a heart rate, pulse the works! And we actually watched the mom mannequin give birth to a baby mannequin. The baby mannequin cries, turns blue, has a heart rate, lung sounds (crackles), grunts and much more! So very cool!!! I’m so happy I got to experience this simulation. The nurse midwife that did the sim with us was so knowledgable. It was only me and one other student so we really had a personalized experience. I learned so much!

Lastly, before I get to the topic of carrots I have to share about my crazy pup Maisy!!

We got a bunch of snow in the last couple days and Maisy is LOVING it.


She literally buries her head in the snow!


She really loves when I kick the snow in the air. She goes crazy and runs around like a maniac.

Now….. for the main topic…. CARROTS

Do any of you have an insane love for a certain veggie? Mine is carrots. I can eat them all the time. Raw or cooked I love them!

Tonight I cooked a pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and roasted carrots.


I personally think the best part of the meal was the carrots!


(Sorry for bad photos, I promise I will start using my good camera instead of my phone)

Spiced Cooked Carrots


3 cups Carrots

1/2 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp ground ginger

1/4 cup orange juice

1 tbsp honey


Put all of the above ingredients into a shallow baking dish. Mix together and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes! Cook longer if you don’t like your veggies still with a bite.

I hope you all try this recipe if you like cooked carrots!

What veggie are you obsessed with?

Anyone else have a crazy dog that loves snow?


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