Katie from Running4Cupcakes is amazing and nominated me!!


The Rules

1. Post the logo on your blog
2. Thanks the person who nominated you: THANKS KATIE!!!!
3. Answer the questions
4. Choose 10 or so other ladies who blog as your nominees
5. Post the links to the nominees’ blogs and notify them on their blog

Favorite Color

PURPLE!! Hence why my new shoes are almost all purple!


Favorite Animal

DOG- I love dogs and especially Miss Maisy 🙂



Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink

Probably water…. I drink a TON of water. It is very rare to see me without a full water bottle 🙂

Facebook or Twitter

I’d have to agree with Katie and say Instagram!

Favorite Pattern

hmmm…. I haven’t really thought about my favorite pattern…. I know it probably isn’t considered a pattern but I like things with flowers on them!

What is your passion

I have many passions! I love helping others…. hence the whole nursing career 🙂 I also love cooking and trying new recipes. I recently rekindled my love for running and exercise. Lastly my friends, family, Scott and Maisy.

Lastly I do have to add…. and I know Katie will love this: They released the new BodyPump at Xperience this week and I took it tonight. I really loved it!!! It is SUPER intense. I really love the chest track. And OMG the lunges, shoulder and triceps tracks are intense. Let just be honest….. it was all intense.


Tag you’re it (I just started this whole blogging thing so I don’t have many blends YET)




Check out these ladies blogs! They are all amazing and I enjoy reading about their lives. 



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