As many of you know I just graduated from nursing school in December. For the past month I have been doing nothing but working, sleeping, eating, studying…. and maybe a little bit of fun 🙂

Many studying though, especially this last couple weeks!

On Monday afternoon I took the dreaded NCLEX!

The NCLEX is a computer adaptive test so depending on how you are doing you can get anywhere from 75-265 questions. Well NCLEX thought I was so special and that I deserved to experience all 265 questions! Thanks NCLEX. You get 6 hours to take the test and it took me 5 hours and 58 minutes!! I took 2 breaks.

Taking the NCLEX is an emotional roller coaster. I went from feeling confident to thinking I was failing, to feeling confident, to knowing I was failing. It is rough!!!

When I left the testing center I was 98% positive I failed! People who have taken NCLEX warned us that you will feel like you failed after the test. I never realized just how certain you feel about the failing until Monday night.

There is a lovely little trick on the test scheduling website that you can do to see if you passed. (note: it is not proven to work for everyone)

So I went on the website when I got home and tried this trick. I wasn’t really thinking clearly because I didn’t think it would be a good idea to google exactly how to do this trick. I just assumed it was obvious. So I thought I was doing the trick correctly so I thought the scheduling website was letting me schedule to retake my exam. INSTANT tears! Tears for the next 2 okay maybe 3 hours 😦 I was so certain I failed. I text Scott, he was at work, and got him all worried. I told my parents, had them all worried. I even told a few friends that the trick didn’t work for me and that I failed.

Well Scott being how smart he is 🙂 went and actually GOOGLED how to do the trick. He even YouTubed it! He is really smart, this never crossed my mind to try.

So he found my log in info and the scheduling website and went on and tried for himself! He then runs into our bedroom (this is like 3AM) and I had just finally fallen asleep and he woke me up and said Alex I think you passed! You are getting the good pop up. I was being super bitter and I told him to go away! Then I couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking What pop up? So I googled it on my phone, which is difficult sometimes. I ended up going out in the living room and asking him about this pop up. He then showed me the YouTube videos and logged onto the website and showed me that I was getting the good pop up! INSTANT tears again! I looked at him and said I think I actually passed 🙂

Then I was up all night waiting for my results. Checking results is also confusing. You have to go to the board of nursing website and log in as an applicant, NOT A GUEST (which is what I was doing) and then it shows your results!


YAY I can officially say I am Alex Arneson, RN


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