The Sassy Fit Runner~ Guest Post

Hi everyone! 

Before I introduce myself, I want to give a big THANK YOU to Alex for allowing me to host on her blog today! She is amazing, motivational and inspiring! I am so blessed we had a chance to create a bond over you guested it, running and food! 
I’m Lindsay also known as The Sassy Fit Runner!  
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I grew up very active and I have always enjoyed going to the gym but my journey in running didn’t begin until a year and a half ago, after entering my very first 5K. My husband and I decided to try out our endurance we gain from taking the Insanity Challenge. We each recieved 3rd place in our age groups and of course we became hooked! Now my son who soon will be six, is joining in on all the fun we are discovering in a life of better health and fitness.
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We go hiking, biking, on fun runs and when it’s warmer, we also go swimming. Being a wife and a mom is the most important thing to me, and to have their support is truly amazing! Now, I’m only a few more weeks away in becoming a personal trainer! How’s that for a year of life changing goodness?!
 Editors Note: OMG I didn’t know you were studying to be a personal trainer!! Can’t wait for your new adventures of 2014!
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One of my goals for 2014, was to increase my distance. To keep myself accountable, a few months ago I set out to find a race that would do just that. I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K and went ahead and paid in full. I find it’s always best, because not only does it set up a time frame for training, but you never want to throw away good money spent. Last Sunday was the big day to prove I could push myself to the next level. I woke up at 6 am, got dressed and picked up my running buddy. We of course arrived an hour late, but as luck would have it we found our parking lot that was right across from our corral line up (thank goodness I paid extra for the parking pass they offered). The music was lively, the runners we chatted with were friendly and being surrounded by more than 30,000 people is enough to get anyone pumped up! Every mile was a victory. All the volunteers were so enthusiastic and cheering us on, keeping us smiling up every hill. As I approached the last half mile, I gave it everything I had! I knew the race was coming to an end and I wanted to say I finished strong.  Once I crossed over the finish line I became over whelmed with emotions. Joy. Victory. Excitement. I didn’t win a metal; I didn’t even place, but that run was a win because I completed what I set out to do. And it wouldn’t be known as the Sweetest Race in America if is wasn’t for the AMAZING chocolatey goodness we received as our reward! They come to most major cities around the US and they also have a 5k as well.

Editors Note: Awesome job on your 15k! That is a huge accomplishment! You rock!!

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Never be afraid to set a goal and push for what you want. You can do it. It will take time. It will take preparation, but it is doable. I hope everyone has a great week! Thank you again for allowing me into life today.
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Enjoy Today and Happy Running!!

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