Summer Races 2014

Oh how I love when we just start to get a taste of warmer weather in Minnesota. I don’t know about everyone else but once it starts getting a bit warmer outside I get very motivated to run outside again!

My motivation led me to sign up for a BUNCH of summer runs! I’ve mentioned already that I signed up for runs but I had a lot of interest in what exactly I signed up for so I thought I would share in one post!

My first run that I am signed up for is the Minneapolis Marathon RELAY on June 1st. I am running with my parents and one other person, a team of 4 people.


My next race is the Color Run 5K on July 13. If anyone would like to join me for this run I have a team started: Anytime Anywhere Any Crazy Race, our start time is 8:30am. You can enter promo code color5off for $5 off! Any and all are welcome! I did this run last year with my friend Steph and we had a BLAST!!


Yea, We’re special 🙂

I’m also signed up for the Bacon Chase 5K July 19th. I haven’t done this one before but honestly how could it not be awesome! Bacon!! haha Anyways if anyone is interested please sign up and spend the morning running and eating bacon with me 🙂


Next is RAGNAR!!!!!! August 15-16th. I love love love Ragnar and I am so excited for this relay run! Incase you have no idea what Ragnar is about you can check out my blog posts from last years Ragnar: 1, 2, 3 & 4. What an amazing relay this is…. this will be my second year running but my third year participating.


My final race that I am signed up for is the Women Rock Half Marathon on August 30th! I ran this half last summer and I am very excited and nervous to do it again! I was not prepared last summer for this race so I hope to be more prepared this summer. I also hope to be a lot lighter this time around 🙂 If anyone wants to tackle a half marathon this summer I’d love a running buddy!!!


There really is no time like the present to get running!!


Please let me know if you sign up for any races this summer!!!!! I’m looking to sign up for maybe 1 or 2 more!!

What runs are you signed up for so far?


4 thoughts on “Summer Races 2014

  1. There’s a group of women in my multisport group that are doing Ragnar, and I’m considering joining them! Good for you for doing women rock, it’s way too hot at that time of the year for me to do a half.

    • You should do Ragnar!!! It is life changing. I love it!! Yea it is pretty hit or miss on how hot it will be. Last year wasn’t to bad but I was sick after. I learned for this year 🙂 I’ll switch up my race fuel so I don’t get sick. I also hope to finish faster this year so that will help

  2. So far I have Run or Dye April 26 and a code to enter the Biggest Loser Run/Walk half in Eau Claire. I want to run a bunch too, but I have no idea what to do. I wish there were more in Stillwater, so I don’t have much of a drive in the morning… I would totally do the half with you, but I’m pushing it trying to be ready for one in October – the furthest I’ve run is a 5K. All your races sound like a lot of fun!

    • I haven’t ran since November so I have some serious training to do. Last year I wasn’t ready for my half and I paid the price so hopefully this year I will be ready! Yea I like to sign up for fun runs! There is a Stillwater race in may I think. My parents usually run it.

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