Advocare Products I LOVE

Hello all! It’s been a while 🙂 Oh the joys of working, school and packing!!! I wanted to pop in today to tell you about my love for advocare!! I’ve been taking these products since February and I am in love.



Spark is an amazing energy drink that doesn’t make you crash! It is so amazing! It helps me stay awake when I’m working night shifts, it helps me have energy for a workout and it helps me stay away from pop!!!! Even my husband loves it and if that means less gross chemical filled energy drinks for him then YAY!!! This is one of the MUST TRY products from advocare.



Catalyst is an amazing amino acid supplement that helps you build muscle! My fellow advocare lovers call it liposuction in a pill 🙂 So great!!

Nighttime Recovery


I’ve tried three products from the Performance Elite line and so far I love all three of them!! The first is the Nighttime Recovery! It helps prevent muscle soreness (AND WORKS AMAZING!!!!!) and it also helps you build muscle while you are sleeping 🙂

O2 Gold


I take my O2 Gold 30-60 minutes before a cardio workout! It helps increase oxygenation to cells and helps increase energy and build muscle. I have noticed a huge difference in my workouts since taking this product! I feel like I can workout longer. It has helped with my workouts when I do the elliptical and go to boxing!

Arginine Extreme


I also take this 30-60 minutes prior to a workout! I mix 1 scoop Arginine Extreme, 1/2 scoop grape spark and 12 oz water! This in combo with the O2 Gold and Spark works great to energize me through my workouts! This stuff isn’t just great for energy during a workout it also helps both the reproductive system and immune system. It also helps maintain an already healthy blood pressure!

MNS Max 3


This is essentially the Max Phase of the 24 Day Challenge. It is the only part of the challenge that you don’t have to take a break from. I LOVE my MNS! It gives me TONS of energy and helps curb my appetite! It has helped me continue to lose weight after my first 24 day challenge.

These are the main supplements that I take almost DAILY! I love them all and I’ve had great results so far.

For anyone who is interested I am doing another 24 Day Challenge starting May 1st! Please join me in the fun! So far my mom, dad and aunt are all doing it with me! We are going to have such great results. Also, once you order your bundle I can add you to our amazing Facebook group. You can see everyones amazing results!!! It really is great to see everyone success.

If you have any questions about any of the products please leave a comment or email me!!!! alexrunsforfood (at) gmail (dot) com I look forward to hearing from you.


6 thoughts on “Advocare Products I LOVE

  1. I love that you are getting your family on the AdvoCare bandwagon. It’ll be fun to have everyone’s support!

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