About Me

I’m Alex. I set up this blog to help keep track of my healthy lifestyle journey. I have just started running again, May 2013. I also have a love for cooking, which I am trying to transform into a love for healthy cooking.

I married my amazing husband, Scott June 4, 2011.

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 503

It’s crazy to think Scott and I have know each other since junior year. We had such a great time at our wedding!!! Here’s some photos of the fun evening:

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 097

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 628

haha they look so happy to take photos:)

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 442

My family

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 842

cutting cake is serious business

 6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 314 6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 965

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 956

It really was an amazing day!!

We also have a puppy… Maisy. She is so much fun to have. She is a great running partner…. sometimes she even drags me 🙂


She is very goofy and she really loves to be outside.

I also just graduated Nursing School, from St. Kates University. I passed my NCLEX in January and am now a Registered Nurse (Still looking for an RN job).

I currently work at a children’s hospital in the Twin Cities. I really love working with kids and I want to be a neonatal (premie baby) nurses once I graduate.

I have a HUGE love for cooking. When nothing is on TV I will watch Food Network. I have learned almost everything I know about cooking from watching Food Network.

Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian or personal trainer. I am just a simple person, blogging about my life and trying to keep on track with a healthy lifestyle.


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