Sweet Potato Nachos & A Treat

I really love sweet potatoes so I am always looking for a delicious way to eat them! I decided to try combining sweet potatoes with nachos and was pleasantly surprised!!


Making these nachos was SOO easy! I simply peeled a thinly sliced a sweet potato. I lightly coated the slices with olive oil and chili powder. Then lay out on a baking sheet and bake at 400 for about 10 minutes. Watch them very closely because they will burn. Once they are done top with your favorite nacho toppings 🙂 I used left over fajita steak, chicken and veggies. I also made a cilantro sour cream by combining sour cream, lime juice and cilantro. The sweet potatoes made a great chip replacement! Also if you are doing the Advocare 24 day challenge you can easily modify this recipe to fit your needs.


My meal was a bit spicy so I wanted something chocolate! Luckily I had some of Lee’s Healthy Peanut Butter Cups in my freezer!!

IMG_2337 IMG_2338

You can find the recipe here! They are so easy to make and so good for a healthy alternative!!

I hope you enjoy these yummy recipes!!!

What are your favorite toppings for nachos?


Treat Yourself Tuesday 8

Time for a Treat Yourself Tuesday!!! #TYT I love sharing my little treats from the past week!


If you are interested in hearing about how #treatyourselftuesday began check it out here. Becky is a firm supporter of treating ourselves even in the smallest ways. It can be with shopping, working out, sweet treats…. anything that is for you!


As you know I am now a distributor of Advocare and I love it so much!!! I treated myself by ordering a bunch of stuff!


Fruit Punch Spark


O2 Gold: Great for taking before radio workouts


Nighttime Recovery: Great way to prevent those morning muscle aches!



I am really loving my advocate products and so far I am having great results!!

Just so you guys know I will be starting another 24 Day Challenge on May 1st!!! I’d love to have some people do it with me! It is so much easier to do it with other people. You can read about my thoughts after my first Advocare Challenge here! If you have any questions about the challenge please email me at alexrunsforfood (at) gmail (dot) com.

Workout Gear

Have I mentioned how much I love Victoria Secrets workout gear?!?


I got myself 3 new headbands!


And 2 new sports bras!!


I know I have shared my love of Title Boxing on here before but I just had to mention it again! Their classes are amazing and I love it so much!! I feel so amazing after and I know they are helping me with my weight loss journey!

Post Workout Protein Shake


Oh how I LOVE post workout protein shakes!!! To be honest I love protein shakes any time of the day but they are always extra refreshing after a workout! So simple to make too!!!

For this shake I combined 1 scoop white chocolate designer whey protein powder, 2 tbsp natural peanut butter, 1 frozen banana and about 8 ounces cold water. I blend it all up and ENJOY!!

Bacon Chase 5K


I found out about this amazing 5K at work and had to sign up! Who wouldn’t want bacon and a bloody mary at the end of a 5K!!! I’m so excited for this race! It is on July 19th so if anyone is in the Twin Cities area you should sign up and run with me!!! Let me know if you sign up!!

These are a few of my fun treats from this past week!

How have you treated yourself recently?

Are you signed up for any fun runs this summer?

Weekend Happenings 3.16.14

Wow guys has it really been a whole week? I have been busy, lots of working. From tuesday to saturday I worked 50 hours! All of my shifts were night shifts so I feel like I sleep and work. Luckily I love my job so honestly it isn’t to bad.

I had thursday off of work so I took advantage and headed to Title for a boxing class! Seriously I am so glad that I was able to join title with my parents because it is such an amazing workout! The trainers are all so nice.

After boxing I went to The Olive Branch Oil & Spice Company for some Olive Oil and Balsamic.



If you have never gone to a specialty oil store you really need to try it! You will never buy grocery store oil or balsamic again. The oil and balsamic are so good you could drink it right from the bottle! It is especially important to buy good olive oil if you are using it in a dressing, which won’t be cooked.

I also went to Trader Joes and got lots of yummy things! Honestly how can you not walk out of TJs with a bag full of goods.

I went to TJs on a mission to buy healthy items to put in a greek salad! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mediterranean food. I’m trying to eat healthy so I figured I’d buy some yummy items to put into a greek salad!


How could that not be delicious!!!! If you are one of those weirdos (Just Kidding :)) who don’t like mushrooms just leave them off! I also added a couple croutons when it was time to eat my salad.

Instead of buying a greek salad dressing I looked up some inspiration to make my own greek salad dressing! SOOOO easy!!!

Easy Amazing Greek Salad Dressing

1/3 c Olive Oil

4 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp dried oregano

Pinch of salt and pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

Simply mix all the ingredients together and ENJOY! I store my dressing in a small mason jar in the fridge.

Honestly don’t waste your money on the bottled dressing from the store it is so simple to make your own and so much better for you!! No preservatives! YAY!! I hope to create some other homemade dressings to share with you.

Friday and Saturday I worked 12 hour night shifts. I do have to admit the night shifts are getting easier. Once you get a routine down it really isn’t to bad.

Sunday morning I got home around 7:30am and headed to bed for 3 hours. I woke up at 11am to get ready to head to a boxing class. Seriously love Title!! After working out I headed home to shower and watch an episode of Dexter on Netflix.


Have you guys watched this show? If you like murder mystery serial killer type shows you will love this show! 🙂 I got hooked on this show at work and now I’m addicted!

Anyways…. after watching and episode Maisy and I headed to my parents place to hang out for the afternoon.


Maisy’s first favorite spot in my parents house. By the back glass door where the vent blows on her.


And her second favorite place is laying by the fireplace.

Scott and my dad went to the Auto Show for the dad so mom and I hung out on the couch and watched a couple chick flicks!

Once they got home we made a yummy dinner. We had grilled chicken and TBone steak, brown rice noodles with olive oil and parm, corn (for scott) and sautéed onions, mushrooms, jalapeño, habenero and garlic!! It really was an amazing dinner. Sorry I ate it so fast I forgot to snap a photo!

I have two days off of work and I’m so excited to workout, cook and relax…. and I guess I should do some homework also 🙂

How was your weekend?

Any new favorite shows you started watching?


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Weekend Happenings 3/10/14

I had the weekend off from work and it was amazing!!!

My weekend started off Saturday morning with some Bridesmaid dress shopping for my cousin Melinda’s wedding 🙂


We tried on some amazing dresses!! Here are a few of the favorites.


We all LOVED this one!


Melinda loved this one 🙂


I like this one also 🙂

Poor Melinda has such a hard decision to make. No matter what dress she picks I’ll be happy!

We went to lunch at Cafe Latte! Oh man if you live in the Twin Cities you need to go to Cafe Latte! So good.


Pesto Pistachio Chicken Pasta Salad


Greek Salad


And of course we had to share some Turtle Cake!!


Their slices of cake are HUGE!!!! We shared it between the 7 of us!

After the morning and afternoon of dress shopping I headed home to get ready for my friends wedding reception!


Luke and Steph got married January 10th in Jamaica! Unfortunately Scott and I weren’t able to go but I got to see some pictures!




And I got to help with planning the bachelorette party, which was back in December 🙂



Anyways….. Saturday night was so much fun celebrating Luke and Steph’s marriage!!


Unfortunately this is the only photo I got 🙂 To distracted with having tons of fun!!!!

Sunday I slept in as late as possible…. which was not very late 😦 But then Sunday afternoon Scott and I headed to the Auto Show with Luke and Steph. Scott got to see the 2015 Ford F150….. and I got to check out all the SUVs…. someday in a couple years I will want an SUV.

Sunday after the Auto Show Scott and I relaxed. Not going to lie I was a little under the weather…. I didn’t drink that much Saturday night but for the past 24 days I’ve been eating so healthy and clean and then Saturday I did not eat very healthy and I drank wine and I paid for it on Sunday. My body definitely enjoys clean eating! I’m back to clean eating today!!!

Sunday night Scott and I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


I love the Hunger Games movies!!!! I can’t wait for the third one to come out!!

Anyways…. that was my fun weekend.

How was your weekend? Do anything super fun??

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results

Hey everyone! It is time to share my advocare success. 

Before sharing my success I want to share about what exactly the 24DC is. 

The first ten days are called the Cleanse Phase. Cleanse phase supplements include: 


Herbal Cleanse is designed to help eliminate waste and prepare your body for optimal nutrient absorption.* You may enjoy weight loss as well!*

There are three components of the Herbal Cleanse: Fiber Drink – which is mixed with 8 oz. of water (And is COMPLETELY disgusting!!!! But you only have to drink it 6 times), Herbal Cleanse caplets and ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra Capsules. AdvoCare recommends using Herbal Cleanse every 90 days.


The second product you will use in the Cleanse Phase is OmegaPlex®, which is a high-quality blend of essential Omega-3 fatty acids for overall wellness.* Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of heart, nerve, muscle, skin, bone and immune health. As with all of the AdvoCare products, OmegaPlex® meets high standards for safety and efficacy so you can be sure you are getting some of the purest Omega-3 fatty acids on the market.*


AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink Mix is a fantastic source of energy, nutrition and mental focus.* It is sugar free and formulated with 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that work synergistically to give long-lasting energy.* Simply mix Spark with 8 oz. of water and enjoy!

I also took an optional supplement:


Catalyst works to feed muscle, not fat, leaving our body more toned and better defined.* Catalyst contains branched-chain amino acids, which help support endurance and strength in conjunction with exercise.

Catalyst can also aid in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction, and can help support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery. 

I have also heard Catalyst nicknames Liposuction in a bottle 🙂

For the Max Phase (Day 11-24) I took the following supplements:


MNS Max 3, provides you with a foundational level of appetite control and energy.


Every morning for breakfast during the max phase I mixed 8 oz water, a meal replacement packet and 1 frozen banana. So delicious! 

During the max phase I also drank Spark and took the Catalyst Supplements. 

Now for the nutrition! A nice thing during the challenge the nutrition stayed the same and it was super simple. 

Breakfast: 1 serving protein, 1 serving complex carb and 1 serving fruit. 

Snack: 1/2 serving protein, fruit, veg or complex carb

Lunch: 1 serving protein, 1 serving vegetable and 1 serving complex carb.

Snack: 1/2 serving protein, fruit, veg or complex carb

Dinner: 1 serving protein, 1 serving vegetable and 1 serving complex carb (optional).

Snack: 1/2 serving protein, fruit, veg or complex carb

Advocare 24 DC Pros:

Energy: I felt a lot of energy during the 24DC!! One reason for all the energy was the clean eating. Second because of the Max Phase!!

Digestion: I stomach and digestive system definitely enjoyed all the clean eating. 1 day off of the challenge and I ate not clean food and my tummy was hurting! 

Money: I realize that the 24 Day Challenge bundle is a bit pricey but it was totally worth it and I saved a lot on not eating out. Scott and I are very bad about eating out so this challenge has helped me with that. Also if you are a coffee drinker or happy hour goer during the challenge you are encouraged not to drink coffee or alcohol so you save a little there to. 

Advocare 24 DC Cons:

Very Hard: I’m not going to lie it is extremely hard!!! Talk about mega chocolate craving!! You always crave something the most when you aren’t supposed to have it right?! You definitely have to plan in order to be 100% successful. 

Money (again): The 24 Day Challenge Bundle is not cheap but I will admit it was 100% worth every penny…. even those nasty fiber drinks 🙂

Pop Craving: I’m so used to having at least one pop a day so it was very hard not to have any. I honestly think I drink pop for the carbonation so that is what I missed. It is just so refreshing. The Spark drinks gave me tons of energy so I wasn’t missing caffeine. The Spark drinks even kept me up while I was working overnights and doubling!!

Now for the good part!!

The Results!!!

I don’t feel comfortable sharing any photos, but I will tell you that I lost 5.5 lbs and a total of 9 inches. 4.5 of those inches were from my hips!! I know that if I would have 100% stuck to the eating I would have lost a lot more but like I said it’s hard and oops happen 🙂 Starting a new job with new hours didn’t help!

I love the advocare products so much that I decided to become a distributor. You can visit my website and order products. I’m also planning on doing another 24 Day Challenge starting May 1st and I’d love to have a group to start with!! More info to come on the May challenge!

I’m so happy to have jump started my weight loss journey and I can’t wait to continue. Since November 2013 I have lost a total of 15 lbs! I still have a lot more that I want to lose but it is a start 🙂

If you have any questions about Advocare please feel free to email me at alexrunsforfood (at) gmail (dot) com

I also want to say a special thanks to BECKY for all the help and motivation during my challenge!! 

What are your thoughts of Advocare? Have you tried it? Want to try it?

Disclaimer: I got all of my Advocare product information directly from their website! I was not paid to try Advocare, all opinions are my own!

Treat Yourself Tuesday #7

I’m stopping just in time for Treat Yourself Tuesday!


If you are interested in hearing about how #treatyourselftuesday began check it out here. Becky is a firm supporter of treating ourselves even in the smallest ways. It can be with shopping, working out, sweet treats…. anything that is for you!

I realize it has been a week since I last posted. This week has been busy. Last week I worked 63 hours in 6 days! I know insane… I was in between going casual at the hospital and starting at my new home care job. This weak shouldn’t be as busy. I did manage to treat myself a couple times during my busy week!



For Christmas I got a groupon from my parents for one month of unlimited boxing classes at Title Boxing. Both my parents and I fell in love with the classes and decided to sign up on a family plan! I got a free pair of gloves! Boxing is such an amazing workout. It is a high intensity sweat fest 🙂

Advocare Friendly Food

I am still doing my Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I will admit it has been very hard to eat 100% clean but I’ve been doing pretty good about sticking to the clean eating. I found the time to make two yummy recipes last week.


Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

I simply mixed 1 package ground turkey, 1 egg, 1/4 cup oats, half an onion copped, 1/2 red pepper chopped, 1 jalapeño chopped. I baked the meatloaf muffins in a muffin tin at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. These babies were packed with flavor and so delicious. I will definitely be making them again. I made some beef meatloaf muffins for Scott and he told me he loved them!


Lemon Pasta Salad

I combined 1 package cooked brown rice noodles, diced baked chicken thighs, 1 can rinsed chickpeas, 1/2 cup chopped black olives, 1/2 cup chopped banana peppers, 1 jalapeño chopped, 1/2 red pepper chopped, 1/2 onion chopped, 1 head of broccoli chopped and one jar of Simply Lemon salad dressing (found in the fridge section).

Both recipes turned out amazing!!!

More Spark


I made the mistake of making Scott try my Spark and he of course LOVES it! I had to order more spark! I ordered cherry and grape and can’t wait to try them. I’m trying to decide which flavor is my favorite so I can order a tub.

Advocare Distributor

I decided that since I’m loving the Advocare products so far I might as well become an Advocare Distributor. If you are interested in buying some Advocare products you can do so through me at my site. www.AdvoCare.com/140266956 If you have any questions please feel free to email me at alexrunsforfood (at) gmail (dot) com

I will post more info on the products when I tell you all about my 24 Day Challenge!

How have you treated yourself lately??

Treat Yourself Tuesday 6

My days have mostly been filled with working at my new job! So I thought today I would focus on a few treats from the past week 🙂


If you are interested in hearing about how #treatyourselftuesday began check it out here. Becky is a firm supporter of treating ourselves even in the smallest ways. It can be with shopping, working out, sweet treats…. anything that is for you!

Advocare Mocha Shake


If I needed to I could totally live on liquids. I’d rather drink a meal in the morning. These mocha meal replacement shakes are so good! I simply mix water, 1 frozen banana and the powder packet…. blend it up and enjoy 🙂 I’m going to buy more of these because I love them that much!

Healthy Crackers


I’m not 100% sure if these are Advocare friendly so I waited until the Max phase to buy them. The good news is I looked at the ingredient list and I recognize everything that was listed. I think they are almost Advocare friendly. I eat them with hummus, which is Advocare friendly!! I never really loved hummus but these crackers make me love hummus!!

Low Key Weekend

Scott and I had ZERO plans for this past weekend and it was amazing! We (and by we I mean I) got some cleaning done. Scott helped with laundry! We hung out with Scott’s brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. We watched movies. Yay for no plans on the weekend.

Mung Bean Noodles


YAY for some healthy noodles! These noodles are made 100% of mung beans which means there is no flour! They are gluten free but they taste like regular old noodles! I bought them on Amazon and I am so happy I did. I’m making them again today for lunch. I’m going to add olive oil, seasoning and shrimp to the noodles to make a super easy healthy pasta.

Snuggle Time with The Pup


What a little snuggle bug. She weighs about 45-50lbs but she thinks she is a lap dog. If I’m on the couch she is almost always laying on top of me.



So far I have loved the Tangerine and Fruit Punch flavored spark drinks. I ordered more and I can’t wait to try the Mango Strawberry flavor later today!! Love my spark!!!

Well these are a few treats from the past week. The rest of my week will be spent working, cleaning, cooking and working out!

How did you treat yourself this week?

First Nursing Job

So as you all probably know I graduated nursing school in December and passed my NCLEX  RN exam at the end of January.

I also mentioned that I had an interview for a RN position at the hospital I work at as part of their new grad program. On the same day that I found out that I passed my boards I also found out that I did not get the job.

I’m not going to lie I thought I had nothing to worry about with getting the job so I was SHOCKED when I found out I didn’t get it. They had so many internal employees apply and only had about 8 spots so I didn’t make the cut. I was super sad for a couple days but then I got over it. I always try to remember that everything happens for a reason and I must not have been meant to start there yet.

I then started applying at Home Care agencies for a RN position. On Tuesday this week I accepted my first RN job at a home care agency. They have two pediatric clients that they are going to train me to work with! I’m very excited to still be able to work with kids.


I am keeping my hospital job, I went casual meaning I only have to work once a month. My plan is to apply for the July new grad program. Hopefully I was meant to start in July 🙂


Yay For Having a Big Girl Job 🙂

Vacation Recap: Bahamas Cruise

Usually I would do a weekend update but honestly this weekend I literally slept, ate and worked! I worked a TON of overtime this weekend.

So how about I tell you all about our vacation!

So we headed to Miami on Sunday so we could be there one day early. We arrived to 80 degree weather and sun 🙂 We were so tired from our super early flight, I layer by the pool all afternoon and Scott slept in the room. He is not a lay in the sun type…. but I met a couple nice people at the pool to hang out with.


After lounging by the pool for a few hours I headed inside so Scott and I could get ready to go find dinner. Our hotel (which we stayed in for FREE, thanks dad for letting us use your Hyatt points) didn’t really have a ton of restaurants near it but we did luck out and there was an Italian restaurant a block away.


The star of the dinner was the free bread and dipping oil! They put garlic chips in it and it was amazing!


I decided since there would be tons of eating on the cruise I’d keep it light with a salad for dinner. So good!!!

Monday morning I woke up bright and early to get in a workout 🙂


This is courtesy of Lee at Fit Foodie Finds! If you have a chance check out her site!! She posts amazing recipes 🙂 And this workout is killer! My legs were definitely sore the next day, and a couple days after that.

After working out I headed back to the room to pack up our stuff so we could head to the port.


Our Boat


All the boats are heading out!


Downtown Miami

Our first day on the cruise was a sailing day. We sailed all day and night towards Nassau, Bahamas. We took advantage of the sailing day to explore the boat.

Our cabin was located on deck 4. The Windjammer, which is where we got breakfast, lunch and any other time you need food was located on deck 10. The pizza place and deli was located on deck 11. The pool and ice cream was located on deck 10. Our formal dinner room was located on deck 3. The one thing that saved me from gaining weight on vacation was the fact that we took the stairs EVERYWHERE!!


The windjammer also had an amazing dessert buffet! Thank god for all the stairs we climbed.


The Moonlight Diner is where we had our formal dinner every night.


We had a three course meal every night there; appetizer, main entree and dessert. My favorite entree was the roasted duck. It was my first time having duck and it was phenomenal.



On day two when we woke up we were in Nassau.

IMG_1958 IMG_1961 IMG_1962

Scott and I booked a snorkeling excursion for the morning.

It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for snorkeling in the freezing water 🙂 Once we were done snorkeling got to enjoy some rum punch!



We got a kick out of the captain announcing we were sailing back to the port but really all they did was put the sail up. They kept the motor running so really we were just motoring in with the sail up!


That afternoon we walked around the shops a bit. We were on a mission to find a bottle of rum for the remainder of our vacation. The alcohol of the boat was ridiculously expensive so we snuck our own alcohol of the ship 🙂 We found some Pineapple Rum to sneak on! It was very good!


We did experience about 10 minutes of rain, but the rain brought this amazing rainbow 🙂

Every evening before and after dinner they had shows and game shows to attend. Scott and I went to the shows before dinner. Our favorite show was a juggler/comedian.


Our favorite game shows were the love and marriage game show and the quest game show.


The game shows were probably my favorite activity. They were always super entertaining and funny.

On the third day we were on CocoCay, Bahamas. CocoCay is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean. We took a tender to get from the boat to the island.


They had a lunch buffet and tons of activities on the island.



IMG_1980CocoCay was my favorite stop because we just layer on the beach all day and relaxed in the sun. The water was really refreshing and so clear. There is nothing like clear Caribbean  water. We eventually had to head back to the boat though.


On the fourth day we were in Key West, Fl. Key West was full of fun shops and sights to see.


Incase your wondering the guy laying on the ground is part of the statue 🙂 I sent this pic to my dad and he asked if that was Scott laying there 🙂

Scott was on a mission in Key West to get some Key Lime Pie. We met some people on the cruise who told us where to go to get the best Key Lime Pie. Scott and I shared a slice and it was gone so fast I never got a photo! Scott means business when it comes to pie.

The sites from the boat were also awesome in Key West, crystal clear turquoise water.





Key West was a great way to end our vacation.

I think Scotts favorite part of the trip was looking out our window.


We had a great vacation. The thing I loved about a cruise is that you get to see lots of different places on 1 vacation. Scott and I both agree that we had fun but there is no rush to go on another cruise. I think that even though it was fun seeing so many places on 1 vacation I’d still rather go to a resort somewhere and then explore that one place for a week.

Wheres your favorite place you’ve gone on vacation?