Balanced Bites Podcast with Jen Sinkler

Kim over at Fittin Pretty recently wrote a post about a podcast that she listened to. I’ve never listened to a podcast before but her summary of what was said was very interesting so I had to check it out myself!


The Balanced Bites podcast featured Jen Sinkler.


Honestly I’d never heard of Jen before listening to this but I am in love now 🙂


Jen Sinkler is from my home state! She is a former Rugby player (incase you didn’t know, I used to play rugby in high school!!)! She is now a fitness writer, personal trainer and the founder of Lift Weights Faster.

If you have 70 minutes to spare I highly recommend listening to the podcast, it was very interesting and very informative. If not…. here is a little summary!

One of the questions was what strength move should every woman be doing. She mentioned squats but said that dead lifts are even more important! The dead lift involves using the posterior chain and every muscle in the body.

She also talked about stress. Did you know that your body can’t tell the difference between stress from work/life and stress from a workout. So, if you have an extremely stressful day at work you probably shouldn’t go have a super high intense hour long workout! It is better to balance the stresses.

I also learned that you need to do 3-4 strength workouts a week to build muscle. Once you are at the level you want women only need to so a high intense strength workout once every 10 days to maintain our muscle! I clearly need to increase my strength training!

Now a little bit about her Lift Weights Faster program:


Seems to be a well balanced collection of strength workouts! I don’t know about you guys but when I do to the gym I usually go just to do fitness classes or to go on the elliptical. I know how to use the equipment in the weights area but I have a hard time pushing myself if I just walk over there and start using machines. I also tend to get bored very quickly. I need something to follow that tells me what to do, like a personal trainer 🙂 But honestly, this girl can’t afford to pay for 3-4 personal training sessions a week! I have not tried the Lift Weights Faster program but I am considering trying it!

I really think that the Lift Weights Faster program would be a great addition to my running and boxing. Honestly I wish I had a million hours a week to workout! I really love ALL types of workouts and I wish I had to swim, run, bike, attend all the les mills classes, go to boxing, go to skyrobics and core power yoga! UGH!!! If only time could slow down so I had time to do everything 🙂 Anyone else feel this way?

I’m so thankful that Kim wrote her post about Jen! I have learned so much from the podcast and cyber stalking Jen 🙂

What is your favorite type of exercise?

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?

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