Weekend Update 11/17/13

This weekend was GREAT!! I had nothing planned and just played it by ear.

Friday I went to Road Rage, spin class, in the morning. Then in the afternoon I met my friend Megan at Tavern on France for happy hour! We enjoyed some wine, waffle fries and nachos. It was so great to catch up.

Friday night I went bowling with my parents and a couple of their friends. It had been so long since I’d been bowling. Lets just say that I did not break 100 🙂

Saturday my mom picked me up bright and early and we headed to The Girls On The Run 5k. My mom volunteers as a coach for one of the teams.


My goal for the 5k was just to finish, especially since I haven’t ran since September. Good news is… I finished! Mom and I ran together for the first mile and then we ran with one of the girls mom coaches for the rest of the 5k. It was a really fun experience to see all the girls finish the 5k.

After the 5k I headed home and relaxed on the couch for most of the afternoon. Scott headed to his friend’s bachelor party so it was just Maisy and I Saturday (And the cat).


I went to dinner with the bachelor’s future wife, Steph. After dinner I headed home and relaxed some more in bed.


Maisy decided to use Scott’s pillow since he wasn’t home to use it 🙂

Sunday morning I headed to SkyZone for SkyRobics! I made sure to take some pics this time 🙂


This is the area that we use for SkyRobics.


We wear bright orange sock that have grips on the bottom.

One of the hardest things we do is laps. You would think it wasn’t that bad but by lap number 3 I’m usually way out of breath and stopping for water. We do laps for 6 minutes. Today we also did Killers (aka suicides). Man oh man were those Killer 🙂 It was such a good workout and according to My Fitness Pal I burned about 700 calories!



Post Workout

Post Workout

After SkyRobics I showered and headed to Target to get some groceries. I went to Target at the wrong time I think half of Woodbury was there! It was insane.

Saturday afternoon I headed to Xperience Fitness for RPM (spin class) and BodyFlow. RPM was extra special today because the instructor dedicated the ride to someone who recently passed away from cancer.

IMG_1454 IMG_1455

We had to do a fun pic as Roosters because our instructor and a few of the guys in the class bike with the rooster team.

Today was really heavy on the working out but I will be resting tomorrow from working out!

I have a few meals planned for this week…

Monday: Homemade Healthy Potato Soup

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Crockpot Orange Chicken

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: To Be Determined

This week I start my labor and delivery clinicals and the days I don’t have class I work. On the up side my brother Nathan comes home and he is bringing his pup Mesa. They live in Colorado so it will be great to see them.

Another fun thing for this week….. I am having my first giveaway!!!! Check back on Monday for a EnergyBits Review/Giveaway!!

What did you guys do this weekend?


Weekend Update 11/10/13

This weekend went by really fast…

Friday I started out my day with a wonderful Spin Class. The instructor was sick so there was a sub…. the sub was a good instructor but I really missed our normal instructor. The instructor for Road Rage is amazing… she is so motivating and awesome.

Then friday night I worked..

My meal of choice for last week was this amazing salad


Romaine lettuce, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, bacon bits, almonds, yellow peppers, turkey and poppyseed dressing. SOOOO GOOD!!!

Last week I also got accepted to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador


Saturday morning I went to SkyZone for a trampoline fitness class! Man if you want to try something new take one of the skyrobics classes! So hard. Then Saturday I also worked..

Sunday morning I spent relaxing, I’m coming down with a cold. Then I got lucky and got to be on call for work so I went to a spin class and bodyflow at the gym. I love a good double class! Spin class was intense and bodyflow was super relaxing. It is a mix of tai chi, pilates and yoga. We had the same instructor for both classes which was kind of cool. He was super high energy and crazy during the spin class and then he flipped into the calm instructor for bodyflow.


Here’s a random photo…. Our cat Nermal. This was right after she got shaved because her hair was super matted and tangled.

Today I woke up feeling crappy so I laid in bed. I was lucky to be on call again for work so I have spent the day relaxing. I’m hoping that all the sleep will help me get over this cold quickly because tomorrow I’m going to two workout classes and I have to work.

Sorry for the short post that is lacking in photos! Next time I got to skyzone I will take pics because it is so cool!

How was your weekend?

What are your favorite workout classes?