Vacation Recap: Bahamas Cruise

Usually I would do a weekend update but honestly this weekend I literally slept, ate and worked! I worked a TON of overtime this weekend.

So how about I tell you all about our vacation!

So we headed to Miami on Sunday so we could be there one day early. We arrived to 80 degree weather and sun 🙂 We were so tired from our super early flight, I layer by the pool all afternoon and Scott slept in the room. He is not a lay in the sun type…. but I met a couple nice people at the pool to hang out with.


After lounging by the pool for a few hours I headed inside so Scott and I could get ready to go find dinner. Our hotel (which we stayed in for FREE, thanks dad for letting us use your Hyatt points) didn’t really have a ton of restaurants near it but we did luck out and there was an Italian restaurant a block away.


The star of the dinner was the free bread and dipping oil! They put garlic chips in it and it was amazing!


I decided since there would be tons of eating on the cruise I’d keep it light with a salad for dinner. So good!!!

Monday morning I woke up bright and early to get in a workout 🙂


This is courtesy of Lee at Fit Foodie Finds! If you have a chance check out her site!! She posts amazing recipes 🙂 And this workout is killer! My legs were definitely sore the next day, and a couple days after that.

After working out I headed back to the room to pack up our stuff so we could head to the port.


Our Boat


All the boats are heading out!


Downtown Miami

Our first day on the cruise was a sailing day. We sailed all day and night towards Nassau, Bahamas. We took advantage of the sailing day to explore the boat.

Our cabin was located on deck 4. The Windjammer, which is where we got breakfast, lunch and any other time you need food was located on deck 10. The pizza place and deli was located on deck 11. The pool and ice cream was located on deck 10. Our formal dinner room was located on deck 3. The one thing that saved me from gaining weight on vacation was the fact that we took the stairs EVERYWHERE!!


The windjammer also had an amazing dessert buffet! Thank god for all the stairs we climbed.


The Moonlight Diner is where we had our formal dinner every night.


We had a three course meal every night there; appetizer, main entree and dessert. My favorite entree was the roasted duck. It was my first time having duck and it was phenomenal.



On day two when we woke up we were in Nassau.

IMG_1958 IMG_1961 IMG_1962

Scott and I booked a snorkeling excursion for the morning.

It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for snorkeling in the freezing water 🙂 Once we were done snorkeling got to enjoy some rum punch!



We got a kick out of the captain announcing we were sailing back to the port but really all they did was put the sail up. They kept the motor running so really we were just motoring in with the sail up!


That afternoon we walked around the shops a bit. We were on a mission to find a bottle of rum for the remainder of our vacation. The alcohol of the boat was ridiculously expensive so we snuck our own alcohol of the ship 🙂 We found some Pineapple Rum to sneak on! It was very good!


We did experience about 10 minutes of rain, but the rain brought this amazing rainbow 🙂

Every evening before and after dinner they had shows and game shows to attend. Scott and I went to the shows before dinner. Our favorite show was a juggler/comedian.


Our favorite game shows were the love and marriage game show and the quest game show.


The game shows were probably my favorite activity. They were always super entertaining and funny.

On the third day we were on CocoCay, Bahamas. CocoCay is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean. We took a tender to get from the boat to the island.


They had a lunch buffet and tons of activities on the island.



IMG_1980CocoCay was my favorite stop because we just layer on the beach all day and relaxed in the sun. The water was really refreshing and so clear. There is nothing like clear Caribbean  water. We eventually had to head back to the boat though.


On the fourth day we were in Key West, Fl. Key West was full of fun shops and sights to see.


Incase your wondering the guy laying on the ground is part of the statue 🙂 I sent this pic to my dad and he asked if that was Scott laying there 🙂

Scott was on a mission in Key West to get some Key Lime Pie. We met some people on the cruise who told us where to go to get the best Key Lime Pie. Scott and I shared a slice and it was gone so fast I never got a photo! Scott means business when it comes to pie.

The sites from the boat were also awesome in Key West, crystal clear turquoise water.





Key West was a great way to end our vacation.

I think Scotts favorite part of the trip was looking out our window.


We had a great vacation. The thing I loved about a cruise is that you get to see lots of different places on 1 vacation. Scott and I both agree that we had fun but there is no rush to go on another cruise. I think that even though it was fun seeing so many places on 1 vacation I’d still rather go to a resort somewhere and then explore that one place for a week.

Wheres your favorite place you’ve gone on vacation?


Fit Family Lifestyles Month

Did you all have a great weekend? Mine was pretty low key.

In honor of Scott and I heading for vacation in SIX days I have a guest post for you all! Kendra Thornton wrote a great article with some tips on how to keep your family happy and healthy while on vacation. There are some great tips for those of you with kiddos.


Five Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy on Vacation

If you want to look good, you need to feel great! It’s always been a saying that works for me. As a mom to three kids, I have to be active and strong!

Image 1

There are some valuable tips I’ve picked up over the years that keep me at my best. In honor of this month’s Fit Family Lifestyles, I’m here to share five ways I stay healthy while traveling.

1. Start off the day with a good breakfast

Before you head off to a theme park, beach, day of skiing or whatever it may be with the kids, encourage everyone to eat a balanced breakfast beforehand. It will help you save money during your trip and you’ll be more likely to choose healthier food choices at the beginning of the day. Most hotels include breakfast options in your room rate.

Editors note: I definitely agree with starting your day off with a good breakfast. I’m the worst at eating a nutrition breakfast in the morning (or any breakfast at all) but I feel and eat much better on days that I do eat breakfast. 

2. Take some snacks along with you

Before you head out during the day, plan out a few snacks that will keep your family satisfied. With sliced fruits, pretzels and some homemade trail mix in your bag, it’s easier to keep your kids feeling great before dinnertime. Go on and throw some M&Ms in there just in case you get a craving for something sweet!

3. Recreate their sleeping environment

It’s important for your children to get great sleep while you’re traveling. In order to make your child’s sleep peaceful and sound, recreate their sleeping environment to the best of your ability. Pack their special blanket, sound machine, pacifier or favorite book.

4. Gather souvenirs

Taking trips with your family allows you all to create memories together. During the day, ask your kids to draw or list what their favorite activities were on vacation. Have them collect postcards and souvenirs that mean something to them. This way, they’ll have a collection of mementos to look back on once they’re older. I always like pre-planning to go on active journey’s with my family throughout the day – whether it is sightseeing, a hike, or a walk down the beach because I find that the more active my kids are, the happier they are.

Editors Note: LOVE collecting souvenirs!!!! It’s a great way to remember your vacation. 

5. Keep your hands clean

Keeping your hands washed isn’t just a good habit, it can keep you healthy for weeks to come. According to an SCA survey, four out of 10 adults don’t wash their hands after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose. Kids have an even harder time keeping sanitized than grownups! Encourage everyone to wash their hands often.

When every family member feels happy and healthy, traveling can be an absolute blast. While you prepare for your trip, keep in mind these great techniques that will make your trip memorable and fantastic.

Kendra can be found on twitter @KendraThornton

Even though I don’t have kids these are great tips for even me. Plus my hubby is kind of like a big kid 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed the guest post!

Friday Favorites V

It is time for another Friday Favorites courtesy of Katie!!


According to Katie Friday Favorites is all about the little things that made you smile over the past week. And anything goes! Because we all know that it’s the little things in life that make it count, right?

Two of My Friends Got Married!!!


Congrats Luke & Steph! They got married in Jamaica so Scott & I weren’t able to make it but I got to see tons of pictures!!! I will be doing a post next week dedicated to Steph’s bachelorette party and their wedding 🙂


Aren’t they adorable!!!

No More Coumadin

On Monday I met with my doctor to talk about when I could stop taking coumadin. Since all of my labs have come back normal I got the OKAY to stop taking my medicine!! WooHoo!!! Now in a week I go back to the doctor to have more blood drawn and as long as all of those tests come back negative I’m good to go to stay off coumadin!

I Have an Interview

I have an interview on Monday for a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Nursing job!!! I’m so excited. The NICU is my passion and ever since I was old enough to know what a nurse was I wanted to work in the NICU as a nurse! I’m so excited to have an interview and really hope I get the job!

Advocare 24 Day Challenge


After reading about Becky’s amazing results with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I decided to order it and try it for myself. I am planning on starting it once Scott and I get back from our vacation. I will keep you guys posted on my progress!

Vacation In TWO Weeks


Courtesy of my parents (best graduation present ever!!!) Scott and I are going on a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas! We are heading to Miami, FL Sunday Feb 2nd. We will stay overnight in a hotel Sunday night and then we board the ship Monday. We go to 2 places in the Bahamas and Key West. I am so excited for a vacation. I will keep you guys posted!! Also if anyone wants to guest post on here the week that I am gone I would love that!!! Email me alexrunsforfood (at) gmail (dot) com


BodyPump New Release

I REALLY love the new body pump release! It is so intense. I was able to go twice this week and I was aching everywhere during and after!!!

What are your favorites from the week?

Also head over to Katie’s page and check out her Friday Favorites!!!