Weekend In The Dells

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

My dad’s birthday was on Saturday so we decided to spend the weekend at the Wisconsin Dells. It was a fun and non traditional Easter weekend.

My mom, dad, Scott and I headed to the Dells at about noon on Friday. We had to make a pit stop at Super Target in Eau Claire, Wi! Mom needed some Target wine 🙂 Bummer of MN…. Target can’t sell alcohol. So we stocked up for the weekend in Eau Claire.

Our resort that we stayed at was the Christmas Mountain Village. It isn’t like your normal Wisconsin Dells resort…. no waterpark or crazy attraction. It is set up as a bunch of little cottages. Each cottage is split in half. The nice thing is we had a full kitchen so we could cook meals at home.

When we arrived Scott informed me that he had NO wearable jeans. Apparently the pair that I packed him was missing a button, whoops 🙂 And the pair he was wearing was his work jeans so the knees were huge holes. So…. our first adventure was hitting up the outlet mall. Once he got his jeans we headed to Moose Jaws for some pizza and beer.


I tried the Raspberry Beer and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Slightly sweet!!


We started our meal with onion rings!!!! My mom’s weakness 🙂


And ordered Taco Pizza! I had never had a taco pizza with dorritos on it. Not going to lie I would have liked it better without the chips but it was still amazing!

IMG_2227 IMG_2226

bahaha we got a kick out of their delivery cars!

After dinner mom and I poured ourselves a glass of wine and headed out for a quick walk.

When we got back we played one of my favorite card games….. Phase 10.

Phase 10

If you’ve never played you need to! It is very fun…. especially if you are playing with someone super competitive like my dad!


This cake was HUGE and since mom, dad and I were starting our Advocare 24 Day Challenge on Monday we had to finish the cake over the weekend! We enjoyed our first piece Friday night and it was AMAZING! I can’t wait to share this recipe with you guys later this week.

Saturday we started our morning with a nice long walk. That ended with drinks.


For our afternoon activity we went go carting!!!!


There are tons of go cart places to choose from in the Dells.

IMG_2370 IMG_2371 IMG_2372

The cars weren’t super fast but we still had fun! It had been a long time since I’ve gone go carting.

After our adventure mom and I headed to the hot tub and dad and Scott went golfing. We finally had some nice spring weather so we enjoyed being outside and enjoyed the warmth. It was sunny enough that we actually got a little tan 🙂

Saturday night we had lasagna for my dad’s birthday!!! I have an amazing lasagna recipe, which I will share later this week! It is so easy to make and everyone loves it!


Pre-baked photo!

Sunday it rained so we decided to go bowling to pass some of the afternoon. Our Sunday dinner was one of our best meals! You know you are going to get good food when the waitress brings out a meat cart to explain eat of the cuts!


Our meal started with a garbage salad! It had romaine, croutons, black olives, bacon, banana peppers, bacon, shrimp, tomatoes, blue cheese and a parmesan dressing! So yummy!!


Mom and I split the butter chicken entree and we ordered asparagus with hollandaise sauce and loaded mashed potatoes as the sides. You orders sides for the table to share!!


The potato side was HUGE!!!!! An entire entree plate filled with potatoes, cheese, thick cut bacon, sour cream and scallions! The picture above only shows half the potatoes, we ate the other half before I took the picture!

I highly recommend going to Kaminski Bros Chop House if you are ever in the Dells!

It was a weekend full of yummy eats and family fun. Now we are on our Advocare 24 Day Challenge and eating clean healthy food! The challenge was much needed after this weekend of eats.

I promise I’ll share recipes this week!

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything special for Easter?

I’m linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday! The entire weekend was a treat 🙂 #treatyoselftuesday


Weekend Happenings 3.24.14

I had another fun filled weekend!

Friday overnight I worked, which is always fun. Watched some Dexter, American Hustle and Breaking Bad. Scott saw American Hustle in theaters and liked it but it wasn’t my favorite movie. It wasn’t terrible but I wouldn’t buy it or watch it again. The joy of night shift is I get to watch a lot of TV. I started watching Breaking Bad because everyone raved about it. It is an okay show…. not my favorite but not terrible. BUT, I love Dexter! I’m so happy theres 8 seasons on netflix!

Anyways…. Saturday after sleeping Scott and I headed to our friends Mark and Sarah’s place. We went out to eat at The Valley Tap House.


Love my Hard Cider 🙂


I had the Thai Dragon sandwich which had pork, sweet chili sauce, cilantro, onion, bacon and peanut sauce!!! Oh my gosh this was amazing!!!! Spicy and delicious!! And their fries were so yummy. You honestly can tell when a french fry is fresh cut versus frozen! Nom Nom! We will for sure be going back to The Valley Tap House soon.

After eating we headed back to Mark and Sarah’s place to hang out and watch Frozen. Honestly I thought I wasn’t going to like it but I LOVED it!


Rado was really loving on me 🙂


Boys being Boys!

Sunday I slept in as late as possible and then Scott and I headed to rent a storage unit. We are moving out of our apartment this month and we are going to live at my parents house for a few months so we can save to buy a house. Scott dream is finally coming true…. moving in with the in-laws 😉

Anyways now we have TONS of packing to do!

Sunday overnight I worked. I didn’t start until 11pm so everyone was sleeping by the time I showed up 😦 Not as fun as getting there at 7pm. Oh well…. I just watched netflix for the majority of the night.

I came home to a silly puppy…


I think she likes when I work overnight…. she likes to steal my pillow!

Today I worked out…. starting to get myself back in shape for running. I did the Elliptical for 33 minutes, went 2.66 miles! Then I headed to boxing for a VERY intense class! I’m finally feeling like I’m getting more in shape and boxing class is getting easier…. even though it was a tough class!

After class I made an AMAZING turkey burger!!!


Spicy Black and Blue Turkey Burger


1 lb Ground Turkey

1 egg

1/4 c chopped pickled jalapeño (or 1 fresh)

1/8 c bread crumbs

pinch of salt & pepper

Blue Cheese


Mix everything together except the blue cheese. Form patties and cook to your desire. I don’t have a grill so I made mine in a sauté pan with olive oil. Grilling them would be the more desirable way to cook them! Melt the blue cheese on top! I served mine with garlic mayo. SO so good!

How was your weekend?

Whats your favorite burger?


Weekend Happenings 3.16.14

Wow guys has it really been a whole week? I have been busy, lots of working. From tuesday to saturday I worked 50 hours! All of my shifts were night shifts so I feel like I sleep and work. Luckily I love my job so honestly it isn’t to bad.

I had thursday off of work so I took advantage and headed to Title for a boxing class! Seriously I am so glad that I was able to join title with my parents because it is such an amazing workout! The trainers are all so nice.

After boxing I went to The Olive Branch Oil & Spice Company for some Olive Oil and Balsamic.



If you have never gone to a specialty oil store you really need to try it! You will never buy grocery store oil or balsamic again. The oil and balsamic are so good you could drink it right from the bottle! It is especially important to buy good olive oil if you are using it in a dressing, which won’t be cooked.

I also went to Trader Joes and got lots of yummy things! Honestly how can you not walk out of TJs with a bag full of goods.

I went to TJs on a mission to buy healthy items to put in a greek salad! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mediterranean food. I’m trying to eat healthy so I figured I’d buy some yummy items to put into a greek salad!


How could that not be delicious!!!! If you are one of those weirdos (Just Kidding :)) who don’t like mushrooms just leave them off! I also added a couple croutons when it was time to eat my salad.

Instead of buying a greek salad dressing I looked up some inspiration to make my own greek salad dressing! SOOOO easy!!!

Easy Amazing Greek Salad Dressing

1/3 c Olive Oil

4 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp dried oregano

Pinch of salt and pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

Simply mix all the ingredients together and ENJOY! I store my dressing in a small mason jar in the fridge.

Honestly don’t waste your money on the bottled dressing from the store it is so simple to make your own and so much better for you!! No preservatives! YAY!! I hope to create some other homemade dressings to share with you.

Friday and Saturday I worked 12 hour night shifts. I do have to admit the night shifts are getting easier. Once you get a routine down it really isn’t to bad.

Sunday morning I got home around 7:30am and headed to bed for 3 hours. I woke up at 11am to get ready to head to a boxing class. Seriously love Title!! After working out I headed home to shower and watch an episode of Dexter on Netflix.


Have you guys watched this show? If you like murder mystery serial killer type shows you will love this show! 🙂 I got hooked on this show at work and now I’m addicted!

Anyways…. after watching and episode Maisy and I headed to my parents place to hang out for the afternoon.


Maisy’s first favorite spot in my parents house. By the back glass door where the vent blows on her.


And her second favorite place is laying by the fireplace.

Scott and my dad went to the Auto Show for the dad so mom and I hung out on the couch and watched a couple chick flicks!

Once they got home we made a yummy dinner. We had grilled chicken and TBone steak, brown rice noodles with olive oil and parm, corn (for scott) and sautéed onions, mushrooms, jalapeño, habenero and garlic!! It really was an amazing dinner. Sorry I ate it so fast I forgot to snap a photo!

I have two days off of work and I’m so excited to workout, cook and relax…. and I guess I should do some homework also 🙂

How was your weekend?

Any new favorite shows you started watching?


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Weekend Happenings 3/10/14

I had the weekend off from work and it was amazing!!!

My weekend started off Saturday morning with some Bridesmaid dress shopping for my cousin Melinda’s wedding 🙂


We tried on some amazing dresses!! Here are a few of the favorites.


We all LOVED this one!


Melinda loved this one 🙂


I like this one also 🙂

Poor Melinda has such a hard decision to make. No matter what dress she picks I’ll be happy!

We went to lunch at Cafe Latte! Oh man if you live in the Twin Cities you need to go to Cafe Latte! So good.


Pesto Pistachio Chicken Pasta Salad


Greek Salad


And of course we had to share some Turtle Cake!!


Their slices of cake are HUGE!!!! We shared it between the 7 of us!

After the morning and afternoon of dress shopping I headed home to get ready for my friends wedding reception!


Luke and Steph got married January 10th in Jamaica! Unfortunately Scott and I weren’t able to go but I got to see some pictures!




And I got to help with planning the bachelorette party, which was back in December 🙂



Anyways….. Saturday night was so much fun celebrating Luke and Steph’s marriage!!


Unfortunately this is the only photo I got 🙂 To distracted with having tons of fun!!!!

Sunday I slept in as late as possible…. which was not very late 😦 But then Sunday afternoon Scott and I headed to the Auto Show with Luke and Steph. Scott got to see the 2015 Ford F150….. and I got to check out all the SUVs…. someday in a couple years I will want an SUV.

Sunday after the Auto Show Scott and I relaxed. Not going to lie I was a little under the weather…. I didn’t drink that much Saturday night but for the past 24 days I’ve been eating so healthy and clean and then Saturday I did not eat very healthy and I drank wine and I paid for it on Sunday. My body definitely enjoys clean eating! I’m back to clean eating today!!!

Sunday night Scott and I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


I love the Hunger Games movies!!!! I can’t wait for the third one to come out!!

Anyways…. that was my fun weekend.

How was your weekend? Do anything super fun??

Weekend Update 2/10/14

Scott and I are back home…. BRRRRR I miss the warm weather, beach and ocean 🙂

My dad picked Scott and I up from the airport Friday evening. When we got home we met my parents at Bonfire for dinner. It was only my second time eating there and I don’t know why I don’t eat there more often! SOOOO GOOD!!!

Saturday I met my mom at Title Boxing Club in Woodbury for a boxing class. For Christmas my mom gave me a groupon for 1 month of unlimited classes. Oh man what an amazing workout!!!! The instructors nickname was AKA = Ass Kicking Al!


Saturday evening Scott and I headed to Mark and Sarah’s to see their new place and cook dinner. I made my famously delicious Pasta alla Vodka Sauce.


Look how cute Mark and Sarah’s puppy is!!!!

We planned on only have a couple classes of wine but that turned into a bottle and a half and a shot. So we ended up staying overnight.



I was supposed to start my Advocare 24 Day Challenge Sunday but since I didn’t have my Advocare stuff with me I ended up waiting to start Advocare until Monday.

Sunday morning since I wasn’t starting advocare until Monday we headed to breakfast!!


OMG I had an AMAZING omelet!!!! It’s called the Northern Omelet filled with cream cheese, onion, ham and wild rice! So good!!!!

Sunday after lounging on the couch and grocery shopping Scott and I headed to my parents place to make dinner. I made dinner, of course 🙂


Citrus roasted chicken! I marinaded it with fresh lime, orange and lemon juice.


Roasted brussel sprouts, potatoes and carrots! You know how I love my roasted carrots!!

After dinner we watched some Olympics! Go USA 🙂

Today I started my Advocare 24 Day Challenge! So far it is going great. I’m to shy to post my starting photos but maybe if I see a big difference between my starting photos and my finishing photos I will post them at the end!!

The best thing about Advocare is you eat normal food. The key is clean eating. The only thing you cut out is dairy.

For breakfast I had 2 eggs, 1 piece of whole wheat toast and sliced strawberries.


For lunch I had 1 roasted chicken breast, roasted potatoes and green beans.

Before making dinner I headed to Title for my second boxing class! It was super intense and sweaty and wonderful 🙂

Dinner was definitely a win!


I made Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps! Oh man were these amazing! I highly recommend them, they were super easy to make which is always a plus! The combo of chicken, cilantro, carrots, pineapple and peanut sauce was awesome.


The rest of my night will be spent doing homework for my 1 class. I currently have an Associate degree so I am going right back into school again to get my 4 year degree!

How was your weekend?

Treat Yourself Tuesday #5

So instead of writing a plain Weekend Update post I decided to tie it into a treat yourself tuesday post!

If you are interested in hearing about how #treatyourselftuesday began check it out here. Becky is a firm supporter of treating ourselves even in the smallest ways. It can be with shopping, working out, sweet treats…. anything that is for you!


I’m going to be honest and tell you that not all of my treats are truly treats…. Some are not that great of events….

Bark Box for Maisy


So far we love our bark boxes! Maisy has loved everything she has gotten…. she is pretty easy to please though 🙂 Did you know they make beer for dogs?!?


Maisy really loved it. She really really really loved this box because the toy was a rope toy. If you ever want to win Maisy’s heart bring her a rope toy! You will be her new best friend.


Regions ER

Friday I treated myself to a visit to the ER. I know NOT a real treat 🙂 Friday morning while I was doing BodyAttack I all of a sudden felt some bad chest pain when I would inhale. Not going to lie it felt EXACTLY like when I had my Pulmonary Embolism. Since I had just stopped taking my coumadin 5 days early I was worried. Scott was a trooper and took me to the ER and sat with me during my visit, which took FOREVER!!

Good News: No blood clots for me 🙂 Bad but not really that bad news…. Pleurisy! Pleurisy happens when the lining of your lung gets inflamed, then when I took a breath it would rub… hence the extreme pain. It isn’t really known why pleurisy happens… I guess I’m just lucky 🙂 When I woke up saturday morning I felt 100% better!

Bloggers Bootcamp and Brunch

I was so happy to wake up Saturday morning feeling so much better because I was heading to my FIRST blogger meet up! Luck for me the meet up was right across town so I only had a 10 minute drive, which is good because we got LOTS of snow friday night. The bootcamp and brunch was hosted by Lee and Amanda! Thanks again ladies for an awesome get together! One other blogger was able to make it, Mellissa.


(The photo is from Lee)

We started off with a bootcamp lead by Lee. Lee played awesome music so I didn’t even notice how hard the workout was. No worries the next day I FELT it!! Oh man my legs were so sore!! Thanks for an awesome workout Lee.

After bootcamp we dug into brunch. We had yummy Chia Seed yogurt with strawberries, blueberries and Seven Sundays Muesli. Seven Sundays was super generous and provided us with boxes of Muesli.


(Photo again from Lee)

Muesli is like a healthier version of granola. It is very good and it is sold in TARGET now!!!


We also had yummy blueberry waffles prepared by Amanda. Not going to lie there is nothing better then a warm blueberry waffle and to make it even better Amanda bought Archer Farms Raspberry Sauce! YUMMY!!!! It was so good. I love brunch!

Double Shift

After brunch with my new Blends I headed home to get ready for work. The hospital was so crazy busy that I offered to work a double. It is always really hard to stay awake overnight but I was working with AMAZING people so it wasn’t to bad. I worked sat 3pm-7am sunday. Another perk of working overnight, we ordered Pizza Luce 🙂


I got The Wrangler. I have an intense love for BBQ pizza and this is one of the bests I’ve had! So good!! I highly recommend eating at Pizza Luce if you have the chance.

More Work

I also worked Sunday and Monday. Things are very crazy around the hospital right now. So many sick babies! Keep your babies away from people with colds!!!


Monday morning before work I headed to my first nursing interview. It is for a NICU nurse position which is my dream job!!! I really have a passion for taking care of babies. I think the interview went really well! I will find out next week.

Yoga Sculpt

Earlier today I treated myself to some yoga sculpt. What a good workout!! It was lead by Lee and she is intense. The room is HOT you sweat a TON! We did lots of squats. My butt and legs will be cursing you tomorrow Lee 🙂 Lee teaches at Core Power Yoga and The Shed so if you live in the cities you should definitely check out one of her classes!


How did you treat yourself this past week?

Do you subscribe to any BOXES?

Weekend Update 1/12/14

Sorry this is so belated…. Better late then never 🙂

My weekend was very relaxing and fun! 

Friday started out with an 8 hour shift at work. Friday evening I relaxed on the couch, should have been studying but I didn’t. Honestly I did try to study but the website that I use was down for the weekend. What a bummer 🙂

Saturday I woke up and cleaned for a couple hours until my cousin arrived.


Saturday morning I let Maisy try my EnergyBits! She loved them!!!

We hung out at my apartment for a while. She asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding that will be in December 2014! I’m so excited!!! 

Once Scott woke up we headed out to lunch at Acapulco’s. I always forget how good their food is. Love the free chips and salsa. 

After lunch we headed to do some shopping. Scott is always an interesting one to go shopping with 🙂 We dragged him into Charming Charlies!



He had fun putting random things on Melinda!


Gotta stay warm!

And Victoria Secret was right there so we had to go in there to!


Yay for the semi annual sale!!! I got sports bras for 75% off!!!

Saturday evening Scott and I had a date night at Sole Mio Ristorante. It is a newer Italian restaurant in Woodbury and it is amazing!!! I have Marsala Ravioli and it was so good! 

Sunday I woke up and did a little online shopping at Jamberry! Katie started selling Jamberry Nails and I am so excited to get my stuff. 

OM06-med SE03-med

I thought these two colors would be perfect for my cruise! By the way did I ever tell you guys…. Scott and I are going on a cruise the first week of February courtesy of my wonderful parents!!! I can’t wait to try out the nails for my trip. Katie talks about them lots of her blog and it sounds like they are very simple to apply and stay on for a long time! I will let you know how it goes!! Also be sure to check out her Jamberry page and order is you want!! They have such a great deal…. buy 3 get 1 free!

I also went grocery shopping sunday. I was planning on hosting a Scentsy party but my scents rep ended up getting sick so I changed my party to an online party! If anyone wants to order you can order through my party online. Your order will be shipped directly to you!!! Check out under the specials, they have tons of bundle deals. And scent packs you can bundle so when you buy 5 you get 1 free. I’m planning on closing my party Wed January 22 so place your order before then if you want!

IMG_1814 IMG_1815

IMG_1816 IMG_1817

Those are my warmers that I have and I LOVE them!!!!! I keep them on all the time and my place is always smelling amazing!! 

Since my party was cancelled Scott and I ended up heading to Mark and Sarahs!!! I brought my taco dip and sangria that I had made for my party! 


Yummy sangria!! It was STRONG but really good! 

We also ordered pizza! Have you ever had gyro pizza? OMG we had it at Mark and Sarahs and it was amazing!!!! Best pizza ever!!! I love gyros!


They put Tzatziki sauce on the side and it was so good! 


We also made Nutella turnovers that were so good!!! I added Reese’s in a couple of them! Nom Nom Nom!!!! Who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter!!

Monday was filled with lots of studying! I also went to BodyAttack and BodyPump monday evening! When I got home Maisy had so much energy I played tug of war with her FOREVER!!!!


Luckily I was also skyping with my AMAZING friend Cara so time went by fast!! 

Sorry in advance if I’m not posting very much the next couple of weeks! I’m currently studying for my NCLEX (Nursing Boards Exam) so that is taking all of my focus! I will try to drop in and say high at least a couple times!! You can always see what I’m up to on Instagram and Twitter

How was your weekend?

Do you have any fun plans for the rest of this week?

Weekend Update 1/5/14

My weekend started out with a YUMMY recipe that I whipped together thursday night!

I had a chuck roast thawed out in the refrigerator so I put it in the crockpot with diced potatoes, baby carrots, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp onion powder, 1 tbsp steak sauce and 1 tbsp garlic powder. I put it on low and let it cook all night. In the morning I took out the meat. Cut off the bone and fat, diced the meat (it mostly just falls apart) and put it back into the crockpot. I added 1/2 cup sour cream, 1 bag frozen peas, mixed it all together so the peas thawed and chowed down! It was super good. I was surprised how good it turned out because we didn’t have much for food and I just whipped it together and hoped for the best.


Friday morning I woke up and headed to BodyAttack at the gym. Last week I ended up trying BodyAttack because my spin class I usually go to was full 😦 It ended up being a good thing…. I really love BodyAttack. It is a high energy, fast paced class. There was lots of jumping and running around.

I also got to try out my new Custom Reebok Nanos and I LOVE them so far 🙂


The rest of friday was spent working.

Saturday I woke up and headed to the gym for an intense morning of Les Mills classes. Xperience Fitness was having a big workout session to celebrate the new Les Mills release.


We didn’t go to the RPM class because we wanted to take BodyPump. We stayed until 10:50. It was very intense and super fun.


It was super fast paced so I didn’t get a chance to take photos. They had a drawing after each class. I won a workout tank top.

Saturday after working out I lounged on the couch watching Big Bang Theory until I headed to work. I did make a yummy post workout pasta 🙂

I measured out exactly 2 oz dry noodles and cooked them according to the package directions. In a separate pan I cooked shrimp, marinated artichokes, green olives, sun dried tomatoes, red pepper flakes and coconut oil. When the noodles were done I added them to the shrimp mixture. Tossed it together and added parmesan cheese on top! SOOOO good!!


Nom Nom Nom 🙂

Sunday I woke up and headed to SkyZone for SkyRobics. It was a fun and intense class.

After SkyRobics another delicious meal…… Sweet Potato Nachos.

I thinly sliced 1 sweet potato and put it into a bowl with cold water. I let them sit for about 20 minutes. Drain and dry them. I covered them with 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp seasoning salt, 1 tsp garlic powder and 1 tsp chili powder and layer them on a baking sheet. Bake at 400 for 7 minutes. Flip the chips and bake for another 3 minutes. Some of them did burn and I just tossed them out. I covered my chips with ground beef (seasoned with chili powder, cayenne pepper and paprika), shredded cheese, cilantro sour cream, salsa and taco sauce. It was AMAZING!!!!!!

IMG_1769 IMG_1770

For having little food in the cupboard and fridge this lunch turned out super good. I would have added black beans, onions, lettuce and tomato  if I had any 🙂

Now I’m just watching some more Big Bang Theory (seriously I’m OBSESSED) and then I’m headed off to work.

Katie nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award so I will be posting about that tomorrow! In the mean time check out her post about it here Sisterhood.

How was your weekend? Do anything super fun? Cook anything delicious? 

Belated Weekend Update 12/15/13

Sorry I have been MIA for the past few days!

This weekend from Friday to Tuesday I had a Kaplan course to prepare me to take the NCLEX. Who knew you had to take a class to learn how to take a test. I will say their method works so I’m glad my school made me take the class.

Anyways…. I did do a couple fun things besides sit in school all day!

Friday after class my nursing friend Sarah and I headed to Bulldog Lowertown for some yummy food and drinks.


What Came First? Sandwich!! So GOOD!


Saturday after class I made cookies. I made classic oreo balls for a cookie exchange and then I made some healthy Thumbprint Cookies!


I found the recipe for the thumbprint cookies from Lee over at Fit Foodie Finds. By making this recipe I got introduced to Designer Whey Protein powder and not going to lie I kind of love it! I mixed the white chocolate protein powder with almond milk yesterday and drank it after my workout! New favorite protein powder!

Sunday after class I headed to a cookie exchange. This exchange was extra fun because it was at a bar! Beer and cookies!! YUMMY


Oreo Balls I brought!


IMG_1631 IMG_1632

Table of cookies!

IMG_1633 IMG_1634

Some people made really cute cookies!

IMG_1635 IMG_1636

All my cookies!

I really enjoyed doing a cookie exchange, then you go home with lots of different types of cookies instead of being stuck with a whole bunch of 1 kind of cookie! I will definitely be doing this next year.

Monday morning before class I got in a swim!


There really is no workout like swimming! I can tell I burned a ton of calories swimming because I was so hungry all day. My goal is to try and swim at least once a week!

This is my last 5 days in a nutshell! I can’t believe that Christmas is a week from today! So much to do before then 🙂

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

Weekend Update 11/24/13

This weekend was mostly filled with working but I did have a few fun moments…

I went to a bridal shower for one of my very close friends 🙂 I’m so excited she is getting married in Jamaica in January!!

I also got to meet our close friends Sarah & Mark’s new puppy. He is soooo cute!!



Rado was such a little snuggle bug!


Mom, Danielle and I went to SkyRobics!! Love it…. such a good workout and so much fun!

I also joined Elf4Health! It just started this sunday.


The Details:

Dates: Monday, November 25th – Sunday, December 22nd, 2013
All participants will receive an elf. In return, all participants will be that person’s elf in return!
If you missed the initial sign up deadline: You can still enter for Rounds 2. See the details & sign up form below!
Anyone can participate. It doesn’t matter no matter where you’re located! All you need is access to the internet and an email address. It also doesn’t cost anything. (We know you have plenty of gifts to buy this holiday season!)

For more information visit here or here!

Everyday during the 4 weeks there is a new challenge.


Today is meatless monday…. so far I have had an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.


Another fun thing from the weekend….. Nathan (my brother) is home for Thanksgiving and he brought his dog Mesa.


She is very well trained and super cute.

Last little update….. I have selected the winner of the EnergyBits giveaway…




Stephanie please email me at alexrunsforfood (at) gmail (dot) com and I will forward your information on to Jonathon.

Also a reminder for anyone interested in trying ENERGYbits they are only available at ENERGYbits.com, and Jonathan (their Brand Manager) has shared with me that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits – you can email him at jlevitt@energybits.com

Thanks for being a part of my very first giveaway!!

What did you do this weekend?