Weekend Update 1/5/14

My weekend started out with a YUMMY recipe that I whipped together thursday night!

I had a chuck roast thawed out in the refrigerator so I put it in the crockpot with diced potatoes, baby carrots, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp onion powder, 1 tbsp steak sauce and 1 tbsp garlic powder. I put it on low and let it cook all night. In the morning I took out the meat. Cut off the bone and fat, diced the meat (it mostly just falls apart) and put it back into the crockpot. I added 1/2 cup sour cream, 1 bag frozen peas, mixed it all together so the peas thawed and chowed down! It was super good. I was surprised how good it turned out because we didn’t have much for food and I just whipped it together and hoped for the best.


Friday morning I woke up and headed to BodyAttack at the gym. Last week I ended up trying BodyAttack because my spin class I usually go to was full 😦 It ended up being a good thing…. I really love BodyAttack. It is a high energy, fast paced class. There was lots of jumping and running around.

I also got to try out my new Custom Reebok Nanos and I LOVE them so far 🙂


The rest of friday was spent working.

Saturday I woke up and headed to the gym for an intense morning of Les Mills classes. Xperience Fitness was having a big workout session to celebrate the new Les Mills release.


We didn’t go to the RPM class because we wanted to take BodyPump. We stayed until 10:50. It was very intense and super fun.


It was super fast paced so I didn’t get a chance to take photos. They had a drawing after each class. I won a workout tank top.

Saturday after working out I lounged on the couch watching Big Bang Theory until I headed to work. I did make a yummy post workout pasta 🙂

I measured out exactly 2 oz dry noodles and cooked them according to the package directions. In a separate pan I cooked shrimp, marinated artichokes, green olives, sun dried tomatoes, red pepper flakes and coconut oil. When the noodles were done I added them to the shrimp mixture. Tossed it together and added parmesan cheese on top! SOOOO good!!


Nom Nom Nom 🙂

Sunday I woke up and headed to SkyZone for SkyRobics. It was a fun and intense class.

After SkyRobics another delicious meal…… Sweet Potato Nachos.

I thinly sliced 1 sweet potato and put it into a bowl with cold water. I let them sit for about 20 minutes. Drain and dry them. I covered them with 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp seasoning salt, 1 tsp garlic powder and 1 tsp chili powder and layer them on a baking sheet. Bake at 400 for 7 minutes. Flip the chips and bake for another 3 minutes. Some of them did burn and I just tossed them out. I covered my chips with ground beef (seasoned with chili powder, cayenne pepper and paprika), shredded cheese, cilantro sour cream, salsa and taco sauce. It was AMAZING!!!!!!

IMG_1769 IMG_1770

For having little food in the cupboard and fridge this lunch turned out super good. I would have added black beans, onions, lettuce and tomato  if I had any 🙂

Now I’m just watching some more Big Bang Theory (seriously I’m OBSESSED) and then I’m headed off to work.

Katie nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award so I will be posting about that tomorrow! In the mean time check out her post about it here Sisterhood.

How was your weekend? Do anything super fun? Cook anything delicious? 


New Healthy Habits

It has been a week since I started my DietBet. Things have been going REALLY well! I have been working out lots and eating well…

I wanted to take some time to share what has been working for me.

First is the gym that I go to. I go to Xperience Fitness. It is SUPER cheap, $20 a month, and offers tons of amazing workout classes. So far I have gone to RPM (a spin class), Road Rage (a spin class), bodyflow and bodypump. Tonight I am going to bodycombat and zumba!!


BodyPump Supplies

BodyPump Supplies

Second is the My Fitness Pal app.


I have been using this app to help keep track of what I eat and my workouts. I’m not really watching calorie count but it is super helpful to plug stuff in so you only eat one serving instead of multiple servings. It is also an eye opener to see how much you really consume in one day. They also promote only losing 1-2 lbs a week so they suggest a calorie intake to accomplish that goal.

Next and most important is HEALTHIER FOOD.


Kind of dark but I have a fridge full of yummy stuff. Lots of salads!


And Almond Milk (plain and chocolate flavor)


The chocolate kind is so good and tastes just as good as normal chocolate milk but with less guilt 🙂 I use the plain almond milk when I make my protein drinks after working out.


I also love these veggie straws!!! They are so good! They do a great job satisfying my craving for chips, but they are much healthier than chips. And have you read the ingredient list? I recognize everything on the ingredient list! If you haven’t tried them I highly recommend them.


I won Katie’s giveaway for some wholly guacamole! I really love this stuff! My favorite so far is the 100 cups. I have tried them in plain and spicy. Both are excellent and I don’t eat it with chips I eat it with carrots. You guys may not know this but I LOVE carrots. I can eat them plain or with dip. As I try more of the yummy wholly products I will let you know what I think. Interesting Fact: You can freeze it!

Yummy quesadilla with wholly guacamole on top!

Yummy quesadilla with wholly guacamole on top!

I have also been loving eggs lately…. Today for lunch I had a delicious egg bowl.


I love eggs… this one has broccoli, jarred roasted red pepper, onion, mushroom, turkey and a few dashes of buffalo sauce. I used egg substitute to help cut back on the cholesterol and fat. (High cholesterol runs in my family)


These sandwiches are my quick fix breakfast savior. I tend to miss breakfast a LOT because I’m not motivated right when I wake up to make breakfast. So these sandwiches are so easy and so good! They only take a minute in the microwave…. perfect when you’re on the go.

Lastly is WATER!!


I carry this MASSIVE 30 oz water bottle around with me everywhere! I fill it up at least 2-3 times per day. It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated.

This is only a few of the things that I have found super helpful in the past week…

What are some of your healthy habits?

Have you tried veggie straws yet?

Disclaimer…. I am not a dietician or personal trainer… I am just sharing a few things that have been working for me, that doesn’t mean they will work for you.