Thanksgiving Weekend Update 2013

Thanksgiving weekend started on Wednesday for me!

Wednesday I woke up and did my #elf4health challenge of doing a new workout. My workout that I chose was not new but it has been a VERY long time since I’ve done it. When I was in High School I used to do 500 crunched everyday! It had been a long time since I have done this so I figured why not. I only had time for a quick workout. After my 500 crunched I headed to lunch at Noodles with my mom and then headed to Scott’s moms, Lynne’s, to prep some yummy Thanksgiving food.

Lynne likes to go all out on the turkey so we cooked 3 turkeys for Thanksgiving! I know… a lot!! When I got to her house Wednesday afternoon she had turkey #1 done and Vern was working on carving it. OMG did this turkey turn out amazing…. it was so juicy I couldn’t believe it! Turkey #2 and #3 were going to be cooked on Thursday.

On Wednesday I put together my cornbread wild rice stuffing and pumpkin cheesecake.


The cornbread wild rice stuffing is something that we started making with my family for thanksgiving. It is so yummy! I made the cornbread from scratch this year and added craisins to the mix! So good!!

Thursday started off bright and early with the Woodbury Turkey Trek 5K!


It was 14 degrees… a little chilly but not to bad. Once I started running I was fine. This 5K went better then I expected!

After running I raced home to shower and head to Lynne’s to help her get everything ready for Thanksgiving!


I have gotten pretty good at making gravy so I did that and then put it in the crockpot to keep it nice and warm.


Turkey #3 was a deep fried turkey. Gotta love that crispy skin! We also cooked Turkey #2 Thursday morning, that one was roasted.



Jack (Scott’s Brother) and his wife Kelly brought the cheesy potatoes! Which are one of my all time favorite!!!!

I also bought veggies to roast… butternut squash, brussel sprouts, carrots and cauliflower. I simply chopped the veggies, drizzled olive oil on then and sprinkled them with Emeril’s essence seasoning. Put them in a 350 degree oven for 30-40 minutes! They were really good!!!

I also made homemade cranberry sauce! I mixed together fresh cranberries, orange juice, orange zest, sugar and pomegranate seeds.


My amazing Thanksgiving Day meal! SO good! Good thing I ran before the meal 🙂

After our meal we of course had dessert which I forgot to picture. I had a piece of my pumpkin cheesecake and a piece of Kelly’s “Better then sex pumpkin cake” 🙂 It was delicious!! haha I love the dessert names that people come up with. She found the recipe from a coworker who brought it to work!

After dessert we headed to Pinz for an hour of bowling for Scott’s Aunts Birthday! After bowling we stopped at Scott’s dads quick to say Hi and write out my christmas list from the Victoria Secret catalog. Some how we started a tradition of writing out our christmas lists from the victoria secret catalog. Both Kelly and I tell him what we want. Works out great because I always need more yoga pants! I love wearing theirs for working out.

Once we were done at Don’s it was time for shopping! It is kind of a love hate thing with Black Friday starting so early! I love it because we were home by midnight but I also hate it because it cuts into Thanksgiving time… we didn’t stay at Don’s house as long as usual.

Our list of stops for Black Friday was short…. Best Buy, Herbergers and of course TARGET!

At Best Buy I found a camera bag that I really wanted and let my aunt know thats what I wanted for Christmas. We draw names for Christmas and my cousin got my name…. which means my aunt buys what I want and my cousin pays her back 🙂

Herbergers I thought I was buying some awesome pillows but once I got home and tried them I hate them and they are going back to the store! Scott and I just aren’t memory foam lovers.

At Target I got a Christmas gift for my mom and I bought The Big Bang Theory on DVD. They had all the seasons on sale for $13 and since it isn’t on netflix I had to buy them!

Friday Mark and Sarah came over and we hung out all day. They brought their puppy with them and we had a training session with Rado and Maisy. Maisy doesn’t always get along with new dogs so we had our trainer Tina come over and work her magic! She is a doggie genius! Seriously if you are having any issues with you dog she can fix it! Contact me if you would like her info. By the end of the hour training session Maisy and Rado were playing like best friends.

The rest of friday with Mark and Sarah consisted of shopping, cooking and hanging out!

Saturday I woke up and got ready for my mom to pick me up to head to The Ugly Sweater 5K.


Waiting in the car


IMG_1519 IMG_1522


Sorry for dark photos 🙂


We headed to the start line early so we could be in the first wave of people that they let off. They had a fun snow machine up at the front… smelt like soap. I wish I would have taken pictures during the run…. they had a bunch of blow up figures along the way…. reindeer, trees and slay. At the halfway point we got hot chocolate or water. My mom was nice enough to run the whole thing with me. The second half of the race I had to do a lot of walking. For some reason my left foot would go sort of numb and it was hard to run on. This happened during my Thanksgiving day 5K also. So far it has just been the left foot. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions?

After the 5K we headed home to shower and go out the lunch with my brother, aunt, mom and scott for my moms birthday. Nathan had to head back to Colorado so we just went to smashburger for a quick lunch. It was very good! We made mom open her present at the restaurant and she loved everything she got.

Saturday afternoon I spent putting up our Christmas tree.


Saturday night we went out to Carmine’s in Woodbury for my moms Birthday.

IMG_1543 IMG_1544


I really love Carmine’s and highly recommend it! They have really good food. Our favorite app is the fried pickles and peppers. Also on Thursday and Saturday night they have live music. The band saturday night was really good and we all had a blast.

Sunday morning I headed to SkyZone for SkyRobics.


A nice BDAY workout for my mom!

I also started my 100 burpees challenge at SkyZone. You can see the video on Instagram here. 1 down…. 99 to go. I got 25 done and skyzone and did the remaining 75 at home. The 100 burpees challenge was Sundays challenge for #elf4health By the way if you don’t already please follow me on instagram here.

We brought my aunt with to skyzone since she had never been there. We all had a blast and got in a great workout!

I was so happy when I finished my 100 burpees! I did not think I was going to be able to do it!


The rest of Sunday consisted of going to a baby shower and then heading to see Catching Fire! Loved the new Hunger Games movie! I cant wait to see the third one.

P.S. I never heard from the winner of the energybits giveaway so I am picking a new winner!

drum roll…….


Sarah if you could please email me at alexrunsforfood (at) gmail (dot) com I can get you your free sample!

How was your Thanksgiving? 

Did you go Black Friday Shopping?

How about cyber monday shopping?

p.s. I am currently cyber monday shopping! Lots of deals out there. For some good ones check out also I found 20% off and free shipping at I got a gym bag!


Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I woke up early this morning to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!


I am thankful for many things.



I think Scott and I would both agree we are very thankful for Maisy.


I am also thankful for this little fur ball

Scott-Alex 151

I am also thankful for Scott!

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 546

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 552

6-4-11 Alex-Scott Wedding 648









And lastly…. Health

These are just a few of the things that I am thankful for this year…. take a moment to ask yourself…

What are you thankful for this year?